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Next Class: Feb 10-13, 2016 in Palm Desert, CA

Training Hours at Front 9 University Count Towards ***** Credit Hours!

We are pleased to announce that Front 9 University is now in full force! Learn secrets to cleaning and restoration that will separate you from your competition FOREVER!

3.5 Days Hand-On Training Course

Classes are Wednesday through Saturday Afternoon and will be held in Palm Desert, CA.

  • Class 1: Wednesday Feb 10, 2016. Rust and Battery Stain Restoration and Sealing
  • Class 2: Thursday Feb 11, 2016. Gray Concrete Restoration and Sealing
  • Class 3: Friday and Saturday Feb 12, 13th. Colored Concrete/Paver Restoration and Sealing


Day 1 Classroom Pressure Washing Basics $699: Sales, Marketing, ADA, Hazardous Stains, Slip and Falls, COF’s & Why We are Needed:

- Pressure washer selection: Hot vs. Cold, PSI vs. GMP

-Wand selection

-Chemical selection

-Degreasers and acids

-Surface cleaner selection

--Adjustable vs non-adjustable

--Tip selection

--Causes of striping and damage


-Methods of water recovery


-----Recovery surface cleaner

-----Gutter recovery


-Boots and what kind

-Gloves and what kind



Always have a plan

Day 1 In the Field: Battery Acid and Rust Removal Restoration & Seal


Day 2 In the Field $899: Gray concrete; Turning an ugly slab into something beautiful. $899 "Granitize" and seal. You will learn how to make concrete "perfect" or close to it. These techniques are unique to Front 9 Restoration and you will not learn these secrets anywhere else in the world. Learn how to always get your surface cleaner than your competition! Covers basics of acid washing, restoration, proper neutralization and a secret way to make concrete look "perfect".

-Remove calcium staining, calcium carbonate, hard water stains, even out concrete texture and color

-Surface cleaner process and techniques with and without recovery

-Etching and how to fix

-Floor tool techniques and obstacle course

-Edging and cutting in

-Advanced Techniques


Earn Certificate: Gray Concrete Restoration and Sealing


Day 3 In the Field $899: Seal gray concrete from day before and perform restoration on colored concrete. May substitute pavers, riverstone or other substrate depending on work available.

-Remove calcium staining, calcium carbonate, hard water stains, even out concrete texture and color

-More advanced techniques

-Sealer options

-Tips and tricks



Day 4 In the Field: Seal colored concrete from day before.

-Question/Answer session

-Certificates of Completion

Purchase individual classes or purchase all at reduced rate of $1997. This can be split into an immediate deposit of $1000 with the other $997 due 2 weeks before class. No Refunds, but deposit may be used for another class at different date. Please call 855-803-1133 if you would like to split payments. Training hours at F9 University count towards ***** credit hours.


Classes will be held at the Pulte Homes Community of Sun City Palm Desert.

There are a few hotels in the area where you can stay. You can fly into Palm Springs International airport. Alternatively, check into flights at Ontario airport or LAX for cheaper flights, but this will require an hour to 2.5 hours travel into the Palm Desert area.






There are others, so please check them out!


Front 9 University: The dates for the Hands-On Training 2016 in Palm Desert, CA are as follows:

Classes are Wednesday through Saturday Afternoon:

Feb 10-13, 2016

March 9-12, 2016

April 6-9, 2016

May 11-14, 2016

June 8-11, 2016

July TBD


Sept 7-10, 2016

Oct 5-8, 2016

Nov 16-19, 2016

Dec 7-10, 2016



F9 Rust Remover is the World's Best Rust Remover! Front 9 Restoration 1-855-803-1133

This concrete rust removal video shows how to remove rust on colored pavers. F9 BARC pulled the rust out, did not etch or damage the paver in any way and left the surface in beautiful shape.

Rust Removal with F9 has a proven track record of over 5,000 successful jobs and will help you create a niche to separate yourself from your competitors. You will be able to remove stains that were thought of as impossible (orange battery stains), plus be able to use F9 to remove rust on just about any surface.

If you are a contractor, you may purchase a case of F9 to get your business listed on www.Front9Restoration.com. We are generating free leads and help your business to get first page ranking on google, yahoo and bing within a matter of days from your add!

Purchase F9 from your favorite distributor listed HERE, joint the F9 TEAM and become successful in Professional Rust Removal! $$$$$$$


Call 855-803-1133 to order or find a Professional Applicator of the Best Fertilizer Stain Remover on Concrete

Best Concrete Rust Remover and Remove Fertilizer Stains on Concrete

Fertilizer rust stains comprise some the most powerful and embedded tough rust stains to eliminate. These stains are caused by chemical fertilizer granules that are left on concrete surfaces. Water causes the chemical pellets to basically soften on the concrete, and therefore the properties inside the chemical will cause deep rust stains on top of and inside of the concrete.

Using store bought acid concrete cleaners as a shot to eliminate these stains might cause further irreversible damage. What these rust removers generally do is cause what appears to be a white cloud around the stain from the oxalic acid. The actual stain continues to be there whereas the concrete around it's clean and therefore the surface paste of the concrete has been forever altered.

Attempting to remove these stains as a home improvement DIY project is very dangerous and may cause health risks as a results of the handling of the acid product.

F9 concrete rust remover seamlessly uses the safest product to address these concrete rust stains and the different orange rust stain challenges that we face. F9 rust removal products – F9 BARC - aren't only be safe for our skilled F9 Applicators, but are be the safest for the encompassing areas and landscape areas too.

F9 Authorized Professional Applicators are skilled in professional rust removal projects. To find a contractor to remove your concrete rust stains, simply locate a Professional Rust Removal specialist on our website. F9 BARC The Best Rust and Battery Acid Stain Remover

Best Concrete Rust Remover

The F9 rust removal method is used at many exclusive golf resorts and communities for removing battery acid rust stains. several cities and municipalities have used the various competent skilled Professional Applicators of the F9 system to induce obviate variety of their toughest rust stains.

If you have rust stains that are caused by leaky batteries, irrigation systems, chemical stains, fertiliser rust or totally different rust causes, visit us on the net at WWW.Front9Restoration.com or call 855-803-1133


Battery Acid Rust Stains www.Front9Restoration.com 855-803-1133

Concrete Rust Stains may derive from a variety of sources, primarily from metals or fertilizers that contain iron. Most concrete rust does not travel over 1/16" deep into the concrete and stays in one basic location. A Battery Acid Rust Stain is an orange flash acid "burn" than might travel down your drive and into the walkway and curb. Flash acid burn seems similar to rust in appearance, but it's very different. Battery acid can cause orange stains which can penetrate up to 2" deep into the concrete. Typical sources are from golf cart and automobile batteries. Here is where the problem arises. Rust removal products were developed to dissolve the stain on the surface of the concrete, not deeply embedded orange "burn" stains.

Battery Acid Rust Stains

The problem with rust removers presently on the market is that they contain acids that "eat" the concrete. They strip the concrete of its cement paste and create a micro-aggregate or "etched" surface encompassing the orange acid burn. Once these cleaners eat the cement, they take a borderline amount of the stain with it and cause deep, permanent damage to your concrete. The bulk of concrete rust removers developed to eliminate rust will discolor the concrete, stain it white or would possibly even create additional orange colors. This is often not a fascinating solution.

Best Concrete Rust Remover

F9 Battery Acid Restoration Cleaner (BARC) is specifically developed to reverse and eliminate the greatest percentage orange battery acid staining AND rust stains on concrete, brick, pavers, tile, stone, concrete coatings and more. This includes the full spectrum of the rust family- watery, thick, topical, embedded, and fertiliser staining. BARC, the most effective concrete rust remover is recommended to be applied by an expert and does not need scouring, brushing or abundant effort, but does need professional power washing. When an expert applier of the most effective concrete rust remover pressure washes your concrete, they'll apply F9 BARC through a pump up sprayer, let it dry and rinse and remove the staining. F9 BARC chemically locks into the concrete, reverses 90-100% of the staining and restores concrete to its natural bright gray color.

Locate your nearest Authorized Professional Applicator of F9 BARC to get rid of fertiliser stains, irrigation stains, rust and battery acid from your concrete.

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