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Going Green and Pressure Washing



The idea of "eco-friendly" power washing is over used, misunderstood and well - kinda silly. Everyone wants to "go green" these days but what does that really mean? I have actually thought about this quite a bit, studies and researched the topic and have come to some conclusions that may not be popular with the green crowd or those who stand to profit from the green crowd or the free green money the government likes to give to its friends.

Lets take a simple device designed to save the planet - the automatic paper towel dispenser. In the old days (2 years ago) nearly all paper towel dispensers in bathrooms across this great land were manual - meaning you either had to pull down and get your paper towels or crank a spool and unroll your paper towels. Well, apparently we can no longer be trusted to only use a 6 inch piece of paper towel to clean our hands off with....the solution is simple - make it automatic, motion activated and only allow for a 6 inch piece of paper at a time! YAY we've gone green! Well, not really. Lets suspend our disbelief and pretend that everyone doesn't just end up getting two or three of these 6 inch pieces of magical hand drying paper....got that covered? Okay good we can move on (although this story could end here but what fun would that be).

Where does the old paper towel dispenser go? What was it made of and how harmful is that stuff to the planet? So in there we have either painted metal if it was really old (lead paint?) or a plastic housing, some small metal parts and small plastic parts. Plus the resources it took to produce those parts and assemble the unit. Plus the carbon emissions used to manufacture all the parts, ship them to assemble them, then ship them to a distributor and then to their final location. And we're just going to throw all that away? It is already starting to sound like we're not really saving the planet and I haven't even gotten to the new dispenser....TO BE CONTINUED.

Daniel Simmons

Pressure Washing America, LLC



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