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Screen Enclosure and Pool Cleaning

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Screen Enclosure and Pool Cleaning

 Pressure Cleaning Pools and Screens

When it comes to screen enclosure and pool cleaning  everyone agrees that a pool needs to be clean and the water should be clear, yet often the screen enclosure and pool cage itself are neglected. You may occasionally clean off fallen leaves but this doesn’t remove the dirt from the screens or eliminate the algae growth on the aluminum frame. Lets talk about How To clean the green and black mold off the frame and screens of your lanai or screen enclosure.

What is the best and safest way to clean your pool screen?

This DIY Task is a Challenge

We outlined a simple step by step process for you to follow below and you can also learn “How To”  tackle Screen Enclosure and Pool Cleaning by watching a series of videos we included on this website in the link beneath this paragraph. These step-by-step instructions and videos are very helpful for you as a homeowner. You can be sure that Pro Clean Tampa is here to help if you don’t feel up to the challenge. We provide world class cleaning up to 50 miles from The Greater Tampa Area and can refer you to a great local company if it is outside our service area!

How To Videos

Do It Yourself Screen Enclosure and Pool Cleaning Guidelines

Assuming you own a power washer follow these basic steps otherwise you will be using a brush, bucket, water hose and a pump up sprayer.



  1. Clean out gutters.
  2. Remove debris from the top  of the screen enclosure.
  3. Spray surrounding plant life with water to protect from cleaning soap.
  4. Apply cleaning soap to entire enclosure.
  5. Clean frame work and screens from the outside first.
  6. Clean all frames on the inside and any flat surfaces near the perimeter of the enclosure.
  7. If you are going to clean the floor do this before cleaning the screens. Rinse most of the surface debris from floor.
  8. Clean the Screens one section at a time from top to bottom.
  9. Final rinse  and wrap up you equipment and tools.
  10. Celebrate!

Not Interested In Pressure Washing The Pool Screen Enclosure Yourself?!

Washing your own screen enclosure by hand with a brush and bucket wielding a garden hose and spraying chemicals might not be a glamorous job but someones gotta do it! At least once a year  cleaning is necessary if you want to keep the mold from damaging the exterior of your property! Even if you have a power washer this job can be a huge task for most Do It Yourself folks.

Get It Done With Pro Clean Tampa NOW!



Screen Enclosure and Pool Cleaning

How Pro Clean Tampa Handles screen enclosure and pool cleaning

  1. Cleaning technician arrives on the job
  2. Prepares job site and equipment.
  3. If pool equipment is on, our technician turns it off.
  4. Clean out the gutter with the power washer.
  5. Next depending of the amount of debris on top of the screen enclosure we either use a leaf-blower to remove all excess debris from the pool enclosure roof or If there is a lot of debris, Carefully rake off all loose debris from the screen by using the pool-brush. This is done by standing on the roof or with a ladder from outside of the enclosure.
  6. Blow all excess debris off of the deck before cleaning the pool enclosure in order to minimize debris getting knocked into the pool.
  7. Next we wet down adjacent bushes and shrubs with water to create a “water shield” which will protect the plants. We use environmentally safe products and processes to clean your home.
  8. In order to effectively remove algae and molds, we apply our soap solution to the entire pool enclosure and deck and let it soak.
  9. Pressure wash all visible framework and screens, removing dirt, algae and mildew.
  10. Pressure wash the pool deck leaving it clean.
  11. Skims any debris off the pool surface caused by this process.
  12. Turns the existing pool equipment back on.
  13. Final check to ensure the Quality of the job.
  14. Pack up equipment.
  15. Cleaning technician leaves the job.

Do You Have Questions Or Need A Quote?

CALL NOW 813-480-9093

Daniel Bianco

Pro Clean Tampa



As A Recommendation

Getting the help of an experienced pressure cleaning company will save you the time and headache of possibly damaging your property by doing it yourself.

Try our Professional Pressure Washing services and get your FREE Pressure Washing Quote Today!



We keep our promises!

We are on time or keep you updated, if we are running late!

We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction!

For more information about our Cleaning Service Give us a Call Now! Or check out this link to our Services Page.

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