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    hose reels: hand crank or electric?

    Hannay is a great reel. It will last many years. I have 2 1500 series reels that have seen constant use for 7 years with NO issues at all , nothing at all. That being said might not want to mount the reels over your unit. if they leak they will drain on your pressure washer also if you need to do maintinance or repair your pressure washer you have to deal with the reels. I would suggest you seperate the reels from the pressure washer. That way you have access to your machine and if you need to take it out of service you can disconnect the supply water and the pressure hose with a disconnect and keep going.
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    hose reels: hand crank or electric?

    I have a hannay electric hose reel that has always been outside, in the rain and in the sun and has held up great, especially since I bought it used about 4 or 5 years ago. The hannay brand is about the best there is out there whether electric or with the handle, their quality is great and it is a great product. There are other brands out there like Cox that offer electric but I have not owned that brand. Hannay is a little bit more expensive for the manual reel and a lot more expensive for the electric when compared to other brands but I know some guys that have the manual versions for over 15 years and just the regular maintenance replacement items like swivels that need to be changed out like on all other brands but no serious issues like frame integrity over that time period. I have purchased the cheap hose reels from the discount suppliers that are made in china and within a couple months the paint is flaking off, the locking-pin holes get worn out and get large so the reel moves more and more and the locking pin gets stuck in the sleeve due to rust. The brass swivels don't last long and need to be replaced as the rebuild kits for the cheap swivels don't always match up or are hard to find or the rebuilds don't last long. The bottom line is you get what you pay for. Good luck.