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Carolina ProWash provides a full suite of restoration and ongoing maintenance services for log cabins, log homes as well as wood sided homes with cedar, redwood, cypress or pine siding. From maintenance washing and cleaning,  to chemical stripping, or cob and crushed glass blasting, we can remove the unwanted dirt or stain.

Should your log home need chinking installation or repair, application of energy seal to improve energy efficiency or simply need checks filled, we can take care of that with ease.

And of course it is very important to select the right finish for your exterior logs or cedar or redwood siding. Some people may call it a stain, others will call it a sealer. In any case the finish is what will protect your logs home or wood siding from the sun’s harmful UV rays. We will be glad to discuss various options with you so that you will be able to make an informed decision.

We serve North and South Carolina for log cabins and homes and for cedar, cypress, pine and redwood homes, and possibly beyond on a case by case basis. Contact our office at 336-269-7087 today!




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