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  1. $212.00 FREE- all you gotta do is Post!!!!

    Thanks for supporting the industry Mike.
  2. Prize!!! Surface Cleaner Give-Away!!!

    I want it
  3. Prizes- Computer giveaway!!!!!!!!

    Put me in for 1
  4. Identifying A Washer

    I have the same motor and pump.It should be 3500psi/5.2gpm and if he is selling for that price and everything thing works as he says buy it.
  5. How long in business

    What does one say in reply to a post like this.Oh yeah..............................Bahahahahahaha.
  6. I didn't vote for the simple reason I could tell from the get go there was more to this than there appeared to be.It looks as though Tony and I were thinking the same thing. There is something wrong when 1 man feels the need to constantly try and degrade or 1 up others.The ego tripping,napoleonic,meglomaniac BS is getting old.
  7. F-250

    John, What kind of problems are you having?
  8. Allison Super Skids

    We have a Largo w/the vertical burner.The espec machines are build pretty close to identical of our machine and it's been a work horse.
  9. When do you stop is the question.....

  10. Flying J: Bankrupt!

    You did..... THE LAUNDRY BAG
  11. RIP Jake... May 1999 - Jan 2010

    We are so sorry for your loss.
  12. Lets Play a GAME!!!

    I see Trevor,Celeste G.,Ron M,Jim C.,Mike C.,Pat K,Nicole,William P.,Roger,Rick,Tony **************.,Chris C.,Jeff E.,Doug H.,Danny B.,Jay B.,Tony S.,Jarrod,
  13. Christmas Decorations

    This display is cool.It's here in our county there about 100K lights and 340 channels through the computer.It's all synced to music you can listen to on a weak FM station.I was outside the truck so all you can hear in the background is the rumble of the diesel. I shot the vid with my blackberry so it isn't the highest quality. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qZxpZPI22mI]YouTube- VID 00023.3GP[/ame]
  14. New Job Leads--FREEEEEEE

    I'm getting them
  15. Industry Unites!!!!

    We have been doing what we call "The Drive by House Wash" since we started in business 8yrs ago.Our contacts in various churches around the area let us know when they have someone in need:usually they are elderly who are in the hospital,but we have done it for family who have kids with special needs and once for a family who's child was highly allergic to mold. It's simple we get a call they notify us when the family will be out or if they are in the hospital and we go wash their house.The only thing we have ever asked of our contacts is the home owner doesn't find out who did the work. It's something that makes us feel like we are giving back.And believe it or not everything isn't about making money.I don't care how bad business is or how broke we are I will find a way to continue doing this type of work. John and his family have been in our prayers since he made his 1st post about Landon being born in distress.We will continue to pray and lift them up daily.