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  1. Shirts that don't get bleached by bleach! I really hat whereing Tie-dyed T-shirts while I work. I was at target two days ago and picked up one of those under armer type shirts for running and used it durring some housewashes. They don't bleach out. NO spots. They have some collard ones that I am going to pick up as a new uniform. also as far as shorts go, I have been whereing my board shorts, surf shorts, quick drys, whatever you want to call them. They don't get effected by the bleach ether. They have to be Onneil, Quicksilver, Billabong, or Volcome, etc...They look good too. even after weeks/months of cleaning under bleach. I just got a pair of kahky bordies and a black collard shirt for a new uniform. For what its worth, Dane
  2. Caltex products

    Is anyone familiar with Caltex products. Caltex International - Cleaning and surface restoration business opportunities
  3. (strip)F18 (clean)F10 from pressuretek.com. Spray it on with a pump sprayer or what ever you want. Let it sit. Use the pressure washer( white tip) to clean off the crud. Do not stop on the wood, keep the wand moving. Call me if you like, Dane
  4. seals/stains

    Hey man, at Lowes they sell a 7" pad applicator. shur-line is the brand. It comes with a red handle and refill pads. For the railings you can ether use the pad or rag or staining mitt. If our going to spray then you have to cover everything with plastic. carry a spray bottle of mineral spirits and a clean rag. If you get it on the house spray it on and wipe it off. Makes the cleanup easy. Dane
  5. Hey guys, I am looking at purchasing a '95 e250 with a v6 4.9L. Its from a used dealer. The engine and tranny both run great with 74k mi. My Q is the 4.9. It will pull my 5x10 trailer with a 325gal water tank and a cold water pwer...But There is also an '03 with a 5.4L and 128k mi the price dif is about 3k or so. need some input. Thanks Dane
  6. e250???

    Why's that? Not a van man?
  7. e250???

    Well, i finally got my van. Waited and searched for a while and found a really good deal. 2001 E250 5.4 w/ tow package. Has a 150K miles, I got it for $4500.
  8. Been a while since I've been on here, Dane
  9. Where does it look like the oil came from? Call whoever you bought it from, explain to them your issue. They should be able to help you. Dane
  10. Fire

    Glad your okay man. I got a fire extinguisher last fall for this very reason.
  11. Check this link out... Downstreaming Later I got a tip that had a smaller diameter that worked alot better. I can reach any two story. three stories with a 7' wand. Dane
  12. I just used Flood, natural tone clear, CWF-UV on a deck. It looks sweet after two coats. It gave it a rich brown surgar tone. The railings were already painted white. I got Two coats out of less than two gallons. Sprayed on. 12x16 surface + stairs and sides. Looks awesome!
  13. I just finnished my new estimate sheet. I'm going to get it printed in two way at staples soon. Your thoughts would be appreciated.
  14. New estimate sheet

    I like it man. I revised mine a little Also my accountant sent me a waver form she got from another PWer. CPW Est2.pub Pressure Wash waver.pdf
  15. what size pump can I run?

    I run a legacy 5.2gpm. I get 3000psi at the gun.
  16. Ultimate house wash uniform.

    The shirts, though more expensive, look better longer after multiple times with bleach. I had some polo's with my logo sewn on but they didn't last at all. Then I got printed t-shirts. I went through a dozen in less than a summer. Bleach, sealer/stain, rime. Image is one of the most important things in our industry. I'll try it this year and see what happens.
  17. What's in your First Aid Kit?

    ok? :rotfl: LOL I wouldn't be telling anyone that.
  18. night work

    sleep? Whats that. No I need sleep, not a lot. don't like working all night though. I do like two jobs at night once every three weeks till about 3am. Then a quarterly till about 2am. as long as I get to sleep in till about 8. im good to go. I usually schedual a "Board" meeting for the fallowing day.;)
  19. Hawaii Red Dirt

    Wow your progressing fast. You asked a Q, fixed your sig w/o being asked, and search to answer your own Q. You should do well here. welcome to TGS
  20. 3.5 vs 4.0

    My 13hp and a Legacy TMG4050 5.2 pump gives me 3000psi @ the gun.
  21. the water level is usually below the pump when I start a job and it still pulls up no prob.
  22. My 5.2gpm 3000psi draws from a 325gl tank never been a problem even with the pump above the outlet.
  23. About Time I Say Hello!

    Welcome. This board is why i'm here today. You'll learn a ton, and some. If you ever come a cross a Mark Langford, tell him Dane says hi. He lives there in Fresno. He was my old guitar teacher in San Diego.
  24. just a hello

    I wonder if a smaller diameter it would shoot further.? What gpm do you use?