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  1. New Jersey Mobile Truck Washing

    North Jersey Softwashing is a full service mobile truck washing provider. We service North Eastern NJ and well as Orange and Rockland County NY. Call 201-383-0452 for your free demo today
  2. Help with a belt drive unit

    Try to hold the bucket up and gravity feed the pump when winterizing. It may be making poor suction (bad seals perhaps) but should pass liquid thru that is gravity fed. Make sure that you run it in bypass as well when winterizing so that all of the machine gets fed antifreeze. Don't use windshield washer fluid the alcohol is bad for the seals.
  3. Lead in Summit NJ house clean

    Call Deo from Interstate Powerwashing, I think that is in his back yard.
  4. Political post dealing with Guns,Zimmerman/Martin

    Regardless of the verdict, since the only people in the world that knows 100% for sure what went on between them (TM and GZ), why do people feel entitled to go out in roving bands and rob people, destroy property and loot and steal what ever they want???? This particular case is not about race, this tragedy and events like it, have become an excuse for certain people to behave outside of societal norms. What Rick said is true, we have social problems. Where are all the people screaming about the gang violence in Chicago that killed 40 people in one weekend recently?? Its almost not even new worthy...... Why?? On Fox news the other night, I listened to two men talk about the problems in this country and they hit it on the head. There are few good role models for people. We have a "hip hop" culture that teaches about the glamor of drug use, gangs and violence. Who talks about religion?? God?? Doing the right thing?? The future is not looking so good.
  5. Maybe some left over ready seal or Ac if you use that. Same effect as the lineed oil. I would stay away from the usd motor oil. The sheen running off the trailer may be a turn off, plus the odor wouldn't be too nice. When its time to replace the boards, alot of guys around here are buying rough sawn lumber, hardwood and a full 2 inch thick, not 1.5 inch and they like it. Stronger, lasts longer etc. Just a thought...
  6. It adheres very well to a properly prepped surface as far as wood goes. I still would not use the crap from Lowes.
  7. do yourself a huge favor and apply an oil based stain kill primer to clean and bare wood, then 2 coats of herculiner. You will be thankful you did not use that acrylic garbage from lowes!!!!!!!!!!!! Herculiner is mek based, tough as nails and resists the chems real well. I spilled 15% on it and it sat for 2 days. Rinsed off and the only evidence was a little discolored puddle shape, all good tho.
  8. Full time & Part time Powerwashers-please read

    Chris, I am far from a lowball hack and would never low price something to stay busy. My available time is limited and as such, needs to be profitable to make it worth it. As an entrepreneur, I understand money, finances and investments. I have a full time job, available overtime from the full time job, the "part time" pressure washing business as well as real estate investments (which produce rent). I have three or four revenue streams and am always looking for more. The bottom line for me is that my pw business allows me the ability to afford things that I would otherwise not afford. As far as "skin in the game" goes, I can post pics of my equipment and the shop that I own (not rent or pay a mortgage on). I would say that I have put enough blood, sweat and tears into this business over the years to compare what I have built to many full timers. The beauty is that I can cherry pick work that is profitable because I pay my bills with other income(s). I would say that I have alot more to offer this industry than alot of the self proclaimed successfuls that support the hate mongoring on the boards. p.s. John, thank you for the kind words.
  9. Full time & Part time Powerwashers-please read

    I just have to laugh at the ignornat comments made about people that have another "job" but also powerwash. Many people portray themselves in this industry as an entrepreneur and as industry leaders, but they think that people who don't do this "full time" or only should not have a say or opinion about anything that goes on. I hope that people do their due dilligence and ignore the folish comments made on the internet about other people that they know nothing about. I just have to laugh at the attempts to discredit people. If you think about it, what right minded adult does not have or try to have multiple steams of revenue?? Regardless of the sources of revenue, anyone that thinks that they only need a power washer for their and their families future financial success is fooling themselves. People don' plan to fail, they fail to plan. Make this business something that allows you to prosper and invest the earnings wisely. You can make money in many other markets and investments while you continue to spray water. You don't want to be the guy that lets things get away from you and wake up broke one day wondering what you did it all for.
  10. Thank a soldier and remember our fallen. Happy Memorial Day!

    We attended the local Memorial Day Parade and Veterans Service that followed the parade. Thank God that we have the best fighting forces in the world. To all the soldiers out there, thank you and your families for your service and sacrifice!
  11. Troubleshooting/bypassing thermostat.

    I am pretty certain that he does not service Oregon. The truck is stocked with most components needed to solve most issues so to date, he has never had to leave on me to fix something. Maybe I have been lucky...... I don't know his service area, all I know is that he services my service area.
  12. Troubleshooting/bypassing thermostat.

    No, not the Hotsy dealer. I will send you a PM with his info.....
  13. Troubleshooting/bypassing thermostat.

    I try to fix anything that breaks myself. There is one guy in NJ that is mobile out of Hackettstown, meaning he will come to you, and he is about the only guy I use. Most of the time, I can figure it out myself or with a phone call or two. The new shop makes working on equipment alot easier that doing it in a truck, trailer or my own garage.
  14. Troubleshooting/bypassing thermostat.

    take the two wires that go to the thermostat and put them together. This will run contiual current and bypass the thermostat. I would not suggest running this way with hot water too long because it will continue to create heat and ignite the fuel that will continually run in the burner. Its meant as a diagnostic tool to see if that is the thing in sequence that needs to be replaced.
  15. Here are some pics of an Ipe deck we completed today. It was done with Ready Seal Medium Red / Redwood. Enjoy the pics.