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  1. Official TGS 2013 Fall Hunting thread.

    dove season opened a couple weeks ago. If you havent dove hunted its a chalenge. But they eat good. Im old school. Im about processing your own food. Like Allison's daughter said. Its the circle of life. Ducks, deer, fish an occacional hog. Its all good. Doug and Richard, I miss Elk hunting from when I lived in Colorado.
  2. Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning, Hood, Duct, Fan cleaning and degreasing. Rooftop Grease Containment Systems. Fan Hinge Kits.
  3. Exhaust for the burner should be as short as possible and as direct as possible. The size should be same size or larger. Bigger is better for the simple reason this is a blower force fed burner and any obstruction in the exhaust will cause back pressure and the burner wont run correctly. You may experience burner firing problems, excessive heat build up, poor combustion, soot buildup. We had a burner which had the same size exhaust but it was about 5' long and it worked fine but the extra length caused a little bit of back pressure on the burner. The burner worked fine but the back pressure caused the exhaust to slow down and the burner chamber got excessively hot, which caused the components to get hot. The Becket ignition module would fail after 300 hrs from the heat. It took 4 replacements to figure it out.
  4. Go for it John. I know you can do it.
  5. If the motor is stumbling and running erratic check the air filter. Raw fuel is being dumped because the igniter is not working correctly. The flow switch is working letting fuel flow to the burner and it isnt igniting, thus raw fuel in the coil chamber and fuel soaked insulation. Clogging tip is from lime buildup in coil and it is breaking loose and coming out in little chunks blocking the tip. The pump is probably ok, if the ceramic plungers broke it wouldnt run at all. It also could be the igniter tips are out of wack and need adjusting. When you do get it running it is going to smoke like crazy until it clears out.
  6. Where in the World??

    San Marcos, TX Central Texas on the IH-35 corridor between Austin and San Antonio. The best economy in the US, ( shush keep that secret )
  7. I just posted a link to a Foamer Plan ( Rick Roll ) , funny but probably not the most expedient move on my part. sorry

  8. So am I going through that Mid Life thing ....

    This is hilarious......... I love this. My _____________ is bigger than yours. Hahahahahahahahaha
  9. Are Pure Sodium Percarb And Oxcalic Acid Good?

    There is an Oxyclean formula floating around out there some where. From what I remember. 70% Sodium percarb 20% Soda Potash lite 10% TSP
  10. When do you stop is the question.....

    Over compensating? Little man syndrome? Napoleon Complex? Never, not Jim...... Sorry Jim, couldn't help myself, had to pile on.
  11. What do YOU do, when this happens! lol!!

    GDog, had that happen to me about a month ago. But my alarm went off and scarred the perps away. I have the same model Ford Truck. I replaced the whole wind wing assembly. Instead of breaking the glass they tried to pry it open, and it exploded and sent glass all over the interior. Didnt loose anything but the window.
  12. Christmas List!!!!

    a lump of coal
  13. 2009 list of charities to donate to

    Salvation Army - the money you give locally stays locally. Local Area Food Bank or Food Pantry - local donation Soldiers' Angels - Soldiers' Angels calling cards for soldiers deployeed abroad Marine Corps Family Foundation
  14. What's your favorite coffee?

    Gourmet Coffee or Coffee Bean Direct Coffee Roasters: Quality Coffee and Tea at the Best Prices This is my favorite. Sumatra Mandheling Coffee low-key acidity and a heavy, almost syrupy, body with a concentrated and complex flavor. They roast it when you order and it is sent fresh. If you drink coffee drink something good. McD's and Dunkin are above average for on the road coffee. Tenbuck coffee taste like dirt and is over roasted and burnt. I would drink folgers before I drink that. Good coffee requires good water. And scalding hot water for brewing. Most coffee makers dont get the water hot enough.
  15. Do you get an annual physical?

    I do a health check yearly. Its not as complete as a physical but they do run a through blood work, Cholesterol, LDL, HDL, Thyroid etc. My goal is to grow old and not be on any meds. As I get older my joints seem to talk to me more. ( know what I mean , old guys? ).