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  1. The clean environment catches your business’s customer or client’s mind-attraction and creates a good impression on them. Suppose you need the best company in some emergency and ask your friends about where the best company provides the Janitorial services in Long beach.

  2. Official Honda engine repair thread

    Condescending... Much?
  3. When do you stop is the question.....

    ... I heard Lowes are doing a special on rust-oleum?? No need to pay double.
  4. hey lonnie here with anr pressure washing im selling the complete reclaim system for for 360000 obo i dont want to peace out yet to early but if things dont sell quick i might consider it i have a lot of money tied up in this unint this all i have left out of 5 trailers weve had please give me a call at 3862324388 ps are you doing any hiring im looking for a full time job also thank you lonnie

  5. CleanFast USA Economic Stimulus Plan

    Mel, no problem. I won't post it here... honestly, the only benefit that I was looking to gain from it was having other contractors contact details on hand for referrals. A few of my customers have interests nationwide and I would like to be able to pass on referrals... I understand your concern with it pointing to a non-member of TGS... I do manage my blog posts, but as you say, I don't own the blog.
  6. CleanFast USA Economic Stimulus Plan

    Beth If you feel it is spam, please remove it... I don't want to rub anyone up the wrong way. If the other user is offended, I apologize... and if they are concerned about it, feel free to call, PM or email me. maybe I 'dressed it up' too much... it is simply a drawing for a $50 gas card each month for the rest of 2009. No strings attached. I think some folk can be too suspicious. I guess the one string attached is filling out your details to be entered... Like I say, if it doesn't fit in with the tone of the board or is not a positive contribution to content, please remove it.
  7. CleanFast USA Economic Stimulus Plan

    February Winner Spencer Williams from MTO Cleaning Services in Tampa has won a $50 gas card as part of the 'CleanFast USA Economic Stimulus Plan'!! His company offers a range of cleaning services - maid services, carpet cleaning, janitorial services, pressure washing and more! He represented his Tampa Pressure Washing Company at the Florida round table last year... congratulations Spencer, your $50 gas card is on its way! Everyone who has already signed up will be in for all the future monthly drawings... anyone who hasn't already signed up can go to my company pressure washing blog and complete the details at the top of the page for your chance to win throughout 2009.
  8. CleanFast USA Economic Stimulus Plan

    only 16 guys signed up!!!!! it's like that old story about the shabby looking, out of work guys in the line at the gas station... (not that any of you are shabby looking and out of work !!:eek: ) "are you gonna buy a lotto ticket this week, the jackpot is $7 million?" "... is that all, nah, I'll wait until it's $15 million..." All you have to do is go here CleanFast USA $50 Gas Card: CleanFast USA Economic Stimulus Plan and fill out your details for your chance to win. One name will be drawn each month for the rest of 2009. Map of Entrants so far (no names or addresses): Map
  9. *** NEWSFLASH *** CleanFast USA, the Orlando, FL based pressure washing service contractor, has just announced its own 'economic stimulus plan'... CleanFast USA Economic Recovery Plan
  10. Graduated University in '05 with BA Sports Development & Leisure Management. Ran a couple of small businesses with my fiance while at University, also worked in health and fitness club industry. Upon leaving University got a management job with a large health and fitness facility - loved this job!! Opportunity to emigrate to US came up in early '07 - came across, bought a swimming pool service business. Branched into Pressure Washing in March of '08, which is moving in the right direction in the first year of business (despite the economy) Business is an LLC, 1 million General Liability, 1 million Umbrella, Workers Compensation, 1 million commercial auto
  11. Thursday Night Chat April 10

    just bumping this back up... anyone chatting tonight? there 3 of us just now Serious Business Talk Only! ;-) - Pliner.Net Chat Rooms
  12. Hey folks I cold called Chick-Fil-A in Celebration a few days ago for exterior cleaning of building, sidewalks, drivethru, etc.... got a call back yesterday from the manager - but not regarding my area of work. He was asking for steam cleaning of the tiles in the kitchen area, but I'm not set up for this - and my focus is on exteriors for now. I'm sure I could learn how to do it and what I need, but at this moment I'm not going to sacrifice quality for the sake of getting a job... I'd rather let someone who is in this field have a shot!! Anyways, here's the location and contact details if anyone's interested, Chick-Fil-A - Celebration, FL ... he said he was happy with his current pressure wash contractor doing the sidewalks and drivethru! Hope this is of use to someone. Regards Steven
  13. Do we really care about the cost of gas?

    "Do we really care about the cost of gas?" ... of course!!!! I understand that price can/could/should be passed onto the end user or consumer, but anything that affects my price, costs & margins - I care and care in a big way! From my perspective, I am focused on growing my PW business and gas prices make a difference... why? 1) Client Acquisition I need exposure and face to face contact with potential clients to develop my brand and sell the benefits of my service. yes this can be done through marketing materials and phone/email, but probably would not be as effective as face to face and a handshake, which involves driving to various locations... therefore I care about the cost of gas 2) Cost of Jobs Initially, jobs are taking longer - partly due to a need to develop more efficient practices which will come with experience and partly due to taking extra time to ensure job is more than satisfactory (which is currently the case according to client feedback!!!:)) this means I am using more gas... therefore I care about the cost of gas 3) Economic conditions As has already been mentioned, the gas price increases have affected things we buy for the household and business - requiring us to make more money to continue to get by. In my situation, in the early stages of this business, making more money costs more money (being a 'mobile contract cleaner' means more gas)... therefore I care about the cost of gas. Don't get me wrong, I would not use the cost of gas as an excuse for poor business performance, but I would be foolish to say that I didn't care. I am giving my perspective as a new entrant in the PW industry. I also run a Swimming Pool Service Company - how many accounts have I lost in the last 6 months...45!!!... no, it wasn't due to poor service or overpricing. 40 of the accounts belonged to a management company who decided to take services in-house to reduce their costs and 5 private accounts, again, who were very happy with their service had to cut their household expenses. Just my input from a different perspective...