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  1. I feel like a "cheap lowballer!"

    You learned a very valuable lesson I hope.Get you 2 downstreamers in case 1 goes out.You can downstream that job all day every day.I use my m5 xjet to rinse with almost exclusively.
  2. 21,000 month............Worst Ever

    21k in New york during the worst winter in forever.I would def be moving to the Carolinas to.I think this guy is a bridge salesman on the side.HAHAHAHAHAHA
  3. Residential customer is grilling me about chemicals

    Sodium hypochlorite degrades in a matter of minutes in direct sunlight.The chlorine gases off pretty quick.As far as bio-degradable?That a catch phrase used to make people think that everythings green and safe.Phosphoric acid is bio-degradable too, but you wouldn't wash your hands in it would you?
  4. What are you doing for Valentine’s Day?

    Finishing the exterior of a BIG building.Taking the missus out to dinner tonight.
  5. getting noticed by customers

    I actually started washing in high heels and bikini bottoms also.Totally different reaction.
  6. 350 ft of Hose and Chemical Injector?

    If you move down to a smaler injector at what point do you start losing gpm?I just bought an 8 gpm machine and have a 5 to 8 injector inline at the pump.Does this reduce my flow?
  7. I use 100 ft sections and tape the connections with duct tape.Whena 200 ft hose blows yu are down.When ine blow I at least have 100 ft to finish with.Then there is the cost of throwing away a 200 ft hose.I have never had a repair last very long.
  8. 1st time scenario / spots came back.

    Some kind of insect droppings imo.Take some pics of what there now and post back.
  9. My self built trailer mount machine

    I think the pump will feed once the level in the tank reaches over the pump.it looks like your a pretty handy guy tp build all that. I think the old chevy hub caps really set it off.hahahahaha
  10. Which machine

    L.S.U. = 1958,2003,2007 National champions. Arkansas? I've been to quite a few games in Baton Rouge and I have seen whole hogs being cooked out in the parking lots and tailgating areas and on the field.
  11. Which machine

    check out pressure tek.com
  12. F-250

    F250 is a good truck ti will pull anything you put behind it I think.Mine was a 06 crewcab deisel 3 weeks old it was in the shop.The kicker with them is there arent many mechanics at the dealerships to deal with the deisels and they told me 3 weeks before he could look at it. I got rid of it when I stopped hauling big trailers around.The big question is what do you pull and how often.My new Chevy will tow likw 10.5k with the towing pack.The 3/4 tons coe with alot of costs everything costs more tires ,oil(mine held like 5 gals of oil and 2 filters,$125 bucks at a quick lube)etc.Do you need a big truck or do you jsut want to be the guy with the biggest toy.
  13. You get what you pay for...

    They chose the lowball price and arent happy with the work, and you are considering re-doing it for free?They have to learn their lesson the hard way,when the homeowners climbs their butt's.I wouldn't do it for free, no way.Why didn't you do it for free to begin with?if you want to get in then get in. I don't see how saving someone who went cheaps butt helps you.
  14. Who uses the "Ladder Saver"

    I used a hose barb that I made to shoot long range with the downsteamer.I also have a M5 xjet that I use to rinse with.
  15. I need help. Cleaning 2 story Vinyl Siding

    I could do 2 a day by myself downstreaming with a shooter tip and rinsing with my M5 Xjet.You don't need a lift you need an upgrade in equipment.Downstream some 12% and simple cherry or Dawn on those babies and go with it.
  16. garden hose downstreaming?

    Buy some bigger tips for your machine and rinse with those or if you have a m5 xjet use it.It will rinse two stories no problem.If it is taking 6 hrs to wash a house it should be huge or you need to upgrade some equipment.I rinse with my m5 almost exclusively now,I can dial out for reach and down for up close.
  17. Blown Seal On Cox Reel

    Russ at southside carries them too I'm sure.
  18. Blown Seal On Cox Reel

    Its is a rebuildable swivel I have one and the parts are like 10 bucks and it takes about 15 minutes to do it.Call Charlie at WaterCannon he will send it or Bob at pressureTek carries them also.
  19. Dueling Shurflos

    Stop flushing them.Sometimes its worse to introduce air than leave the material in the pump.It's not helping your life span anyway.
  20. downstreaming issue

    Was your machine surging?If it doesn't get enough water from the tap it will not downstream.I have seen where I have to find a new tap or couple two together to make it pull.I also have to ask what way are the arrows pointing on the inductor?The filter on the downstreamer could also be the problem.
  21. In support of Beth

    I don't think you are going to stop it.It's the same handful of people that are just argumentative.Every board they are on it's the same thing.My way is right and your way is wrong and if you don't agree with it I will just start flaming away on you. I think the thing to do would be ban them and delete their posts.That way it's gone and there are no website values for them hits and such.I guess I just have trouble understanding why if something or somebody is causing problems just get rid of them period!They will never play nice for long. I have read a bunch of resignations lately behind stuff such as this and it kinda amazes me that these are "Grown Men and Women" that are calling these moderators and admins whining like kids. Come on its a bulletin board if you don't like the people get off it!
  22. gutter zap

    I use it as a sell.NON TOXIC is right on the bottle.I have had people hire me because if the green aspect of it.That is my justification.I also don't like getting the other stuff on me.I use simple green in my mix to clean houses so it's on the trailer already too.
  23. gutter zap

    Remember there are different types of simple green.I use the simple green concentrate.I get it from lowes for less than 10 bucks a gal.
  24. Proportioners for Xjet

    I disagree!
  25. 2009 12.5% SH prices

    $1.38 a gallon.I get it from an industrial supplier that supplies municipal water services.I did get it from a pool place but they get it from the industrial guys and double the price.I can get it in 15 gal,55 gal,or 3oo gal totes.