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  1. The X-Jet debate

    guess no one knows where I can pick one up in Canada or have shipped to CA? thanks. mike
  2. cold weather

    Hey all, The temperature is dropping to freezing tonight where I am, should I be worried about my pressure washer in any way? I think all the water has been drained out but I can't be completely sure. thx, mike
  3. The X-Jet debate

    Obviously I'm new if I'm going to ask this question...lol...But what the heck is a 'downstreamer'? I've seen the x-jet... By the way, does anyone know where I can pick a new M5 x-jet up in Canada? all the online stores don't seem to ship to canada?? thanks, mike
  4. Yeah, I saw that video - IICRC actually shows it during their Mold Certification training, for a couple of reasons. It is incredible that there are so many dishonest people out there, how people take advantage and are taken advantage of. Yes, from my training and research I would say that 'things' are overdone when dealing with Mold Remediation - however, I will say this...it's better to be safe than sorry. I've seen local contractors take advantage of little old ladies attempting to sell their home (mold is found) - makes me sick - I've gone in and done the job in less than half of their quote and I still feel like I made more than enough. Just like anything I suppose, educate yourself every which way possible - as a contractor and consumer. Thanks MMI... Mike
  5. Fire, Smoke and Soot Damage

    Soda works well for soot removal, sodium bicarbinate helps in the odor removal as well. I prefer Dry Ice due to the no mess factor - helps in odor as well but not as well as soda.
  6. I do quite a bit of Mold Remediation as a Sub-Contractor for a few disaster restoration companies. First thing is to get the training certification - IICRC is basically the governing body of certification(s) that are recognized by Insurance Co's and the Industry itself. There are many training companies that offer IICRC courses/certification - all are regulated by the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification). Once educated you'll have an idea of equipment required for Mold Remediation, of course depending on types of jobs you want to gear towards. I stayed subbed out and do Dry Ice Blasting, works like Soda for Mold on wood, it cleans it up like new but kills the mold on contact (of course dead mold is still potentially harmful - you'll learn that via certification). As well, I'm able to remediate concrete in basements as well. Most work is attics, improperly vented, br vents etc. MR is tough work, but it pays really well - I'll say it here, "Mold is Gold" Like Steve says above, if you properly protect yourself you WILL have no worries about health effects - better to over do PPE then under do it.
  7. Dry Ice Blasting.....

    Hi all, New to this site, I've just gotten into the online communities recently - addicting...lol Anyways, I own a DIB company (short for Dry Ice Blasting) for just over a year now. If anyone has any questions about DIB please let me know, happy to help/answer questions in any way! I'm just adding PW'ing to my business as well, so I'll be hanging out often asking silly questions... mike