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  1. Egg Stains

    I have a customer who backs up to a busy street and gets the back of their stucco house egged all the time. Can anyone recommend what to use to remove these stains completely. I have never been able to remove them 100%, so any help is aprecciated. Also is there anything i can apply to keep future eggs from staining the stucco?
  2. New site, 2009 meeting

    Pressure Washing America Roundtable Registration? Just throwing something out there to get the gears going.
  3. Tronman

    I have a guy here in SA that does painting and sheetrock repair. If you want to send me the info or call me or how ever you want to handle it just let me know.

  4. I need grafitti removal from painted buildings. Typically it means taking a chip to Sherwin Williams and having it matched and then painting from edge to edge. I also have some sheetrock work.

  5. How many uses for duct tape are there?

    tape up a cut finger
  6. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    All above suggestions are great. I have really good success with door hangers in slow times. Just keep after it. You have to let everybody in your target market know you are there, who you are, and what you do, this doesn't happen over night. Go to businesses and introduce yourself find out if they currently have someone servicing their store. Take your rig with you and offer free demos while you are there. Cold call set up a free demo. Yellow page ads, newspaper ads, community directory ads, chamber of commerce. Have uniforms, brochures, cards, flyers, website, professionally designed. Put your logo on everything thats who you you are. The more people see that logo the more likely they will be to call you when ready for your services. Offer discounts for referrals that book a job with you. And most of all when you do get those jobs do them at the highest quality and more work will follow, be the best at what you do. Read here and other boards and you will learn more than you ever thought possible about the pressure washing industry. There is wealth of great knowledge here that people who have been in the industry for many many years are willing to share to better the industry. I'm Just ranting now but hope this helps get the gears turning.
  7. If you are still in need of pressure washers in San Antonio area im interested

  8. Either Lowes or Home Depot sells just the stabilizers.
  9. this year sucks!

    Get out and walk. Door to door hang flyers, go to businesses. As long as you are out getting your name out there the work will come with time. You wont get business sitting on the couch waiting for it to come to you. Once you start getting more work and money saved up try direct mailing target neighborhoods. Good luck.
  10. I have X-jetted in the past with good results. I downstream now and love it. I have a pole that i used to use until discovery of x-jet and downstreaming a few years ago. I keep the pole though it is always nice to have in the arsenal for the most difficult of jobs.
  11. Need Help With Mix

    As far as the gutters it will remove some mildew and mold. To remove black streaks i use gutter zap spray on with a pump up brush and rinse, just don't let it dry on the surface and be careful not to remove the paint.
  12. I need a pressure washer in San Antonio as well as a good fence guy. Metal fence welding, repair and I need a wood fence with metal supports and core drilled 6" corner posts.

  13. Trailer Security

    sounds good i bookmarked your site so when im ready i will call.
  14. Need Help With Mix

    Rob i downstream with great results. Dwell time can vary depending on how dirty and whether or not it is in direct sun.
  15. by the hour or foot?

    i agree every house is different as far as obstacles. Do you have a set amount for a certain size house? Also how do charge for drives? I want to set up my new rig with multiple guns so pricing on time is going to be harder for me to do, that is why i am looking for some alternative methods.