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  1. Chris Tucker your needed.

    That's him, deserves a lot of credit, put soft washing in lots of people's minds around 05. I think he's the one who kicked it off.
  2. Chris Tucker your needed.

    Tim I don't remember his last name Hazelton, maybe? Wasn't specifically a roof guy as I recall.
  3. Can it be done without amping up the drama? It can go to 5000 but if half the people are pissed off is it really a good thing?
  4. Too tough to pick just one. The thing I like the most is what you pick up from guys you hardly ever see on the boards, just answering and asking questions. The guys who always post 'look at me' stuff and feel they have to prop up the boards with inane garbage can learn a lot from those guys.
  5. 2013 makes it how many yrs in this business??

    12 years here, 4 in Colorado and 1 year off taking care of my Dad and 7 here in NJ.
  6. Hey everyone, as always TGS is my go to source for wood related questions. We start this powerwash project for these 88 bldgs on Monday. They just asked me to quote cleaning these decks too, they are 8x8 and 8x16, there are 400 of them. What would be the best and most economical way to clean them and how would you price them?
  7. Those sizes sound fine for a 4 gpm machine, I'd put a filter between the tank and the machine.
  8. A strange thing happened yesterday...

    Rick I've seen this before too. We have lots of turkey buzzards around here and it's their poop.
  9. Split Rail Fence

    Thanks for the info Mike!
  10. Hey guys working on a bid that includes about 500 linear feet of split rail fence. They want it cleaned and (their words) 'waterproofed'. This is part of a bid for about 40 buildings, wash, roof and gutters. I don't do wood, but need to in this case, any ideas for a method and any help on pricing would really be appreciated.
  11. Non Pressure Washing Related Help

    I have some friends who have an awesome little boy. This kid is sweet and kindhearted. He's also tough as nails, he has Crohns and he never ever complains. He's a bit shorter then other kids his age but he doesn't let anything hold him back. If you have a couple bucks to donate in his name for a Crohns and Colitis Association walk coming up I'm sure he'd be really excited. Use this link and then click on make a gift under the thermometer. Take Steps, Be Heard for Crohn's and Colitis: Thanks for taking the time and if you can find it in your heart to make a donation it will be greatly appreciated!
  12. Concrete Basketball Court Stain Failure

    Celeste do you think a hot water wash/removal of as much of the of the failing stain as possible followed by an acid wash will be sufficient prep? Or will it just fail if all the prior stain isn't removed?