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  1. Remote fuel tank

    So to run gx390 from remote tank I ll need to use fuel pump from let's say gx630, connect it to the battery and put a switch for turning it on. The turn it on before I start the engine. Is there a 12 v hook up on the engine that can power up the fuel pump when you turn the key? I have electric start engine.
  2. Blue Puff

    Exactly the point - adjust it while running till burns clean. So the band opens and closes air vents. What air shutter does? It's a two piece adjustment. Wayne burner has single piece band - easy.
  3. Blue Puff

    Russ, can you explain to me how to work air adjustment on beckett burners? With wayne it's simple - loosen bolt on air band and move counterclockwise for less air, the other way for more. Beckett has airband and air shutter with numbers thingy and I can't find it in literature what the shutter does and how they correlate. Manual says - loosen both, adjust for clean burn, tighten back up - whole lot of help!
  4. Enclosed Trailer & Leaking Tanks

    Get your tanks made by Ronco plastics. They will weld fittings in where you need them.
  5. Blue Puff

    Thank you.
  6. Blue Puff

    Anyone has experience with gx630 mufflers? My new unit has gx630 with this small black muffler. My older one has gx630 with bigger muffler with heat shield with holes. New unit seems to be louder.
  7. Blue Puff

    Put new nozzle in and remembered Jerry from Sirocco saying to me: "burner vents need to be open just enough to support clean burn, too much air is bad for the spark" so closed them by 1/2 inch. Seems to be burning clean so far! Thanks everyone.
  8. Remote fuel tank

    Does anyone have experience of tapping into Econoline van gas tank and running pw off the vehicles gas tank? Would be sweet to have to fill up only one tank and eliminate second gas tank all together.
  9. Interior lights

    http://www.superbrightleds.com/moreinfo/aluminum-light-bars/wlf-series-high-power-led-waterproof-light-bar-fixture/680/ Waterproof, prewired on both sides, 360 lumens, have two magnets attached. I hang two above rear doors of the van and the whole cargo area is lit up.
  10. Blue Puff

    Today after I was done with the job I shut down the new machine and was rolling up hoses and stuff. 10 minutes later I notices smoke faintly coming out of the burner stack with machine off. Checked the inside and had blue smelly smoke coming out of the coil wrap. Poured water bottle down the stack. Took out nozzle assembly. Haven't seen one like that. Looked ok but was soaked in diesel. Stuck my hand up into burner hole on the bottom to make sure insulation wasn't in the way. It wasn't but it was soaked. Nozzle is huge too 3.25 80b. All my other units have 2.25 80b. For some reason not pall of the fuel ignites. Was pretty scary.
  11. I had today smoke coming out of the coil even though washer was off for about 10 minutes already.
  12. I had gun swivels explode 3 times and hose would whip up. Only once hose missed me. I only use mossmatic DGV gun swivels now.
  13. Through Floor Exhaust Routing

    Header wrap saved many of our guys from burns.
  14. Remote fuel tank

    I was under impression you can't do that with 390. I have one of those and I actually got a bigger tank and wanted to hang it above the space where old one gallon tank was. I'd like to avoid hanging tank above engine.
  15. Blue Puff

    Connect psi gauge and see if it drops to zero when trigger is released, right?