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  1. A coating is only as good as its prep.. before a paint.. sandblast or phosphatize, (or both,) and prime. before a powdercoating.. sandblast and prime, ..and test it for chipping to prove the process.
  2. How do you define your business?

    Ummm.. In the context of previous discussion.. Pollutant: An unwanted or otherwise disruptive substance that is added to, or falls upon as contaminant to a surface, air, soil, or water. ..I guess that's what I get for stepping into a thread "sensitive to" defintions. Eh? gotta go.
  3. How do you define your business?

    As you guys are choosing a category here.. I sincerely hope you are all on this one common page.. You are "Pollution Control Specialists".. Pollution happens, ..to every exposed surface, .. for every exposure reason, .. and if it wasn't there, and accumulating, you would not have a job in ANY category. This industry is NOT about "polluting" ..it is about the control of pollution. Anyone that does not "get" that by now, is a potential polluter, doesn't understand marketing, and doesn't understand "the JobSite" As a "JobSite focused" supplier to this industry.. I guess I would categorize by business as PollutionControl Equipment Specialist.
  4. Teaching "sustainable Cleaning" is what I do.. call me sometime.. .. or come to one of my events ..And yes, I can read minds (almost). I know your Jobsite "that" well. :{)
  5. you could run a 12" surface cleaner real nice with your existing machine.. and an "instant Capture version" ..with a decent vac system too ! call with any quesation.. I'm a technical guy that likes to help.. just read my posts :{)
  6. A vacuuming Surface Cleaner will INCREASE your work-speed.. no rinsing is faster. ..and working in freezing weather without leaving an ice-sheet behind can get you jobs. ..plus the jobs inside warehouses and kitchens.. E-mail me images of your rig, and we'll fin a place to fit the reclaim.. ..We're good at it. :{)
  7. Has anyone had Knee surgery in the past few years?

    I've had the WORST luck and now amazing luck with knee issues.. tore up ligaments at 16, corrective suirgeries at 21 and 25 went ok, "clean-up" at 45 was a disASSter ! Was confined to a knee brace from that.. Most of my customers knew me as the guy with the knee brace.. 5 years ago I had "the worst knee they ever saw" replaced with a new "total knee".. I gave'em back their crutches on the 10th day, and was hiking agressively within 45 days. Call me with any question on this I can and am glad to help. Let me start with this: If the doctor can explain EXACTly "WHAT" he plans to do, in a context you can clearly understand, you have yourself an expert. If they don't explain THAT well, or especially if they act like you don't need to know all the details.. RUN (or at least hobble quickly) to the next opinion. Quacks and hacks are the same kind of personallities, no matter what profession you choose from.. Quacks and hacks are superficial people, that talk big, act covertly, and leave a vapor-trail of half-a$$ed results behind. Your BEST chance at finding a "real" expert.. find the premire group in your area specializing in Sports medicine, and ask for the expert in "worst-case knees". At 56, I hike with 30 year olds.. not as far, but just as agressively.
  8. Ya got me there Russ.. I frequently "simplify my answers" for a given audience, so as to deliver a simpler point. Good catch my man !
  9. Generator must be run right at 3600rpm to get proper voltage. ..check your generator voltage, before plugging anything into it. and ALWAYS turn off all accessories, before lowering the engine speed on a system with belt drive generator.
  10. ..and just so you know.. even if a local Kohler service-center wont "admit" it.. Kohler has an "emergency-repair policy".. If it is a critical engine to your health (generator runs air-cond. in the desert.) or in your ability "to provide income".. they will cover overtime-wages submitted by the service center, ..for the rapid elimination of downtime. It's been a long time since I've had to submit a claim like that, so check me on this, But.. certainly worth"asking about. Eh?
  11. you muyst verify ifit is spark, or fuel problem.. do the spark check, If you DO get spark.. Spray carb-cleaner into the carb (with air-filter removed), and if it tries to start.. you have proven a fuel supply problem.
  12. I was hoping to get an order for a dual-pump 45hp 14gpm-4000psi system with dual heaters.. But, the guy opted for TWO separate 7gpm 4000 psi diesel-engine systems.. running 30hp water-cooled 4cyl.diesels @ 3000 rpm to keep noise down. I have to like his attitude, he's letting me put a 23hp diesel Vacuum next to it. All "teir 4" enviro-friendly, and capable of running crazy-long hoses.. LOTS of performance on a 16ft trailer. Eh? :{)
  13. Unloader leak under the spring coil

    the shaft seal is not difficult to change, and would take less time than waiting for a replacement to come. the leak could be more than a nussance leak.. it probably won't get worse for a long time, unless the o-ring was damaged on install. PLUS.. I don't see a safety-relief on the head of that pump.. if that unloader has a cut o-ring, and it gets sticky, you could have a very bad day.
  14. Belt, direct, clutch?

    to be specific and clear.. Belt drive is the opportunity to run the pump at a slower speed, allowing easier draw from a water tank without cavitating the system.. Seals last longer, valves last longer, no heat is being added to the pump from "touching " the motor, there's no risk of damaging the motor shaft key-way ..like there is on direct "shaft-to-shaft"-driven pumps.. EVERYthing is longer-term-lower-cost with belt drive. Clutch drive has very limited application in this industry.. Multi-functional systems, like having a belt drive generator with a belt drive vac-blower, ..and a pump, all on one engine-system.. You might want to "turn off" the pump, when you're just using the vac to suck-up a flood, or to run the pump when you don't need the vac, etc. With clutch drive, you would NEVER want to turn on the clutch while the engine is at high speed.. ..it will tear-up the clutch very quickly, and why ? ..cuz you wouldn't reduce the engine speed long enough to "easy-start" the clutch ? I've offered the clutch on our BullDogPro Pressure washers for 30 years, and the only buyers were carpet & flood people. Belt drive is King. Simple and sweet. Call me for more detail.. I'll keep you from wasting money and/or time.
  15. The Rapid Reels are very nice, if you can get over having to assemble them from a kit, or you find a dealer that will do it for you. I like the cast aluminum that's nicely powdercoated, and they use good swivels. I have "other ideas" for the swiveling thing.. call with questions.