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  1. What could be wrong??

    Its eather air or fuel. My unit has the fuel tank near the burner area and the tank was cracked at the mount clips which leaked especially it warmer weather. So removed tank cleaned it up welded it back together. Big thing learn your machine dont trust others on your lively hood. I service everything myself since I started. A pressure washer is pretty eazy to work on as well and the main office for your brand machine has techs that will walk you through little snaggs. Anyhow check for fuel leak. Marko
  2. Anyone willing to help.

    How would you do the deck if it was the smaller ones your used to? Marko
  3. Looks to be old ruff cut lumber, i wouldnt wash it really cause the look wouldnt chamge much unless the birds got crap on the wood to preserve the rustic look best to no wash. But a good old dusting would help a bunch. Just my 2 cents. The concrete wash. Marko
  4. Who's is insured by the Joe Walters Agency?

    Thats the usual Alexy KEC is the night crew and quite litterly in the dark,from our tools to insurance we always have to fabricate to attapt it to our business. We make our own tools and gear and insurance companies put us in janitor sections of there insurance.Our line of work is very much left in the dark. Its amazing such an important and regulated trade is one of the least reconized. Marko
  5. Your welcome Apple, honestly i thought i would be the only one too lol. These days business' goes for the "easy way" but in all reality the easy way is harder in the long run considering cost and headache to maintain,purchase,and the time lost relying on them. Marko
  6. I found since i posted last that hand rolling your hoses works well for me. Less stress on the hoses and unless" i "break down i can reel in hoses for a long time,lol. I can roll my hoses up pretty quick now. But heck like apple said i dont pull my hoses out a bunch mainly one time a night. One thing about hand rolling there is no maintenance on a rell if you dont have one, no orings,bearings or bushings or having to pull the tools to remove your hose for repair. It just seems to work best for me actually. Marko
  7. Exterior Doors?

    I would guuess the door has its original factory coat on it, would be my guess. Find out the maker of the door probably would help a bunch. Marko
  8. Brochure

    Douglas that was wrong and i feel disrespectful. No one is no more supperior then the other, everyone starts somewhere at one point on there journey in life. The question was straight forward. Think about it ,people Google for help, so they find this site in trust that they will find the info they are searching for,and if they find the info then that benifits The Grime scene and the companies that pay to advertise here. I hate to speak up like this but that was wrong and imature. SAD! Marko
  9. Tired of winter and ready for spring

    Thats how it done it here. We are back to snow now. Marko
  10. Tired of winter and ready for spring

    I am too Beth. A storm is brewing here as well snowed a little yesterday and the heavy snow comimg today through thursday the worse being Wednesday. they say 10 inches..lol.I am just ready for warm season, man winter costs me at least an hour more of work considering you have to drain all hoses and treat machine every job. Plus those cold nights just suck sometimes especially when things go wrong. Plus winter is a different process of cleaning considering you are forming an ice rink somewhere. Anyhow all be safe think first. Marko
  11. Interior lights

    Deka in my opinion is a top of the line battery. Long life great service. Marko
  12. Remote fuel tank

    You can hook up any unit to your tank. No differnt then my old RVs generator to the tank. Simple in line fuel pump low pressure auto cut off. Here is an example of one. http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-AIRTEX-FUEL-PUMP-replacement-for-ONAN-GENERATOR-OE-149-2331-02-/221359004081. Anything can be done if you want it done, dont think to much most likly its been done before. Marko
  13. In my opinion private or public bbc or org all is benificial info to the one that seeks it. Some are big headed then others but benifit those that seek it. At the same time it's a great place to dump some info as well for the future to succeed. Marko
  14. Cleanhoods

    Since 1997 we have been in business giving high quality restaurant exhaust system detailing for the western North Carolina area. Free estimates, systems cleaned from top to bottom, no mess on equiptment or floor. Also available for "customers" maintenance as well. Give us a call we will take care of you, we are here to help. (828)455-2358 CELL or (336)753-1223 OFFICE Marko.Pantovich. owner
  15. Blue Puff

    @ Andrew: Just a guess, the second is probably to fine tune the air flow to clear the smoke. Just a guess though. @Rapid HotClean: A well built machine always makes you money. Also having a owner that is mechanically incline helps a bunch too. If man built it, man can fix it. And the big thing on a commerial unit these machine love just to be run, down time really effects them. Marko
  16. Blue Puff

    I would say as you run it have burner running and adjust until it burns clean. Most likely the setting the factory had at first would be your ideal setting. My unit i had since 99 and never touched the air adjustment. The old saying always works " If it aint broke dont fix it". MArko
  17. Need A Favor

    Great Video Guy keep up the good work. Marko
  18. Gas Can Explosions

    Plastic Cans Lack Flame Arresters Gas cans made of metal like this one include a flame arrester and other safety features. Children Are Victims in 40 Percent of Documented Explosion CasesThree-year-old Landon Beadore was mom’s official little helper, according to his dad, Paul. One of his duties was to pick up toys before his mom mowed the yard. “He was putting his sister’s bike in the cellar when he accidentally tips over the gas can,” recalls his dad. “Vapors from the gas can went along the cellar floor. There was an ignition and the fire occurred.” Landon was burned over 47 percent of his body. “I couldn't move. I couldn’t move,” he later told his dad. His shoes and feet had melted into the floor. Experts and lawyers in Landon’s case and dozens more involving 75 reported burn victims – nearly 40 percent of them children – believe that a small part called a flame arrester, costing less than $1, could have prevented these horrific injuries. Even more disturbing, they say, is that despite ample evidence that these plastic containers are more prone to explosions, manufacturers and the government watchdog Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) haven’t acted to install arresters or warned consumers of the defect. Ironically, flame arresters are required by the Occupational Safety and Health Care Administration (OSHA) in workplace gas cans. As far back as 1973, Consumer Reports magazine wrote: “Should fumes outside the gas can ignite as you pour or fill, a flashback fire is possible that could ignite the contents of the can itself. Such accidents can be prevented by a flame arrester, which we think should be legally required in all openings like these.” Industry Cites “Consumer Misuse” as Cause of AccidentsDavid Jones, counsel for Blitz USA, America’s largest manufacturer of plastic gas cans, said on a 2008 episode of Dan Rather Reports: “All of these accidents can be avoided if the consumers heed the warnings, if they use common sense with respect to gasoline.” This echoes the sentiment of many in the gas can manufacturing industry and others who place 100 percent of the blame for these explosions on careless consumers. “The Three Stooges or Yosemite Sam might use a lighted match to check the level in a container of gasoline and miraculously survive the combustion,” scolded The Southeast Texas Record in a recent editorial, “but people who try a stunt like that in real life are just plain ignorant and have no one but themselves to blame.” Rob Jacoby disagrees. He was walking with a Blitz gas can on a crisp Oregon day when a static electric discharge from his body caused the can to detonate. Or Chad Funchess, who was filling up his chain saw when his Blitz gas can erupted and engulfed him in an inferno. Or William Melvin, a member of a Porsche racing team pit crew who certainly knows a thing or two about flammable liquids. He was refueling his lawnmower when his Blitz gas can exploded and threw him though his barn. “It would cost less than a dollar to manufacture this [flame arrester]. What mother would not want to spend an extra $10, $15 ... whatever number of dollars to protect her children from a possible catastrophe around the house?” — Arthur Stevens, a flammable fluids expert and advisor to the National Fire Protection Association Look for Metal Safety Cans, and Handle Gasoline with CareFollow a two-part strategy to prevent gasoline can fires or explosions. First, seriously consider buying a gas can with a flame arrester. Often called "safety cans," these containers are normally made of metal rather than plastic. Many feature a spring-loaded cap that closes automatically. Major manufacturers of safety cans include Eagle and Justrite, and prices range from $35 to $75 depending on the size of the can. No-Spill also makes a plastic gas can with a flame arrester. Second, never forget how dangerous it is to use or store gasoline. Review these safety tips: Around children ... Keep gasoline out of sight and secured away from children. Never let children handle gasoline. Download this tip sheet for parents from the National Gasoline Safety Project. Around the home ... Store gasoline outside the home (e.g., in a garage or tool shed) in a safety can as described above – never in glass or non-reusable plastic containers (e.g., milk jugs). Don’t use or store gasoline near possible ignition sources (e.g., electrical devices, oil- or gas-fired appliances, or any other device that contains a pilot flame or a spark). Never use gasoline inside the home or as a cleaning agent. Around the yard and outdoors ... Don’t use gas to start or accelerate a charcoal grill, wood stove, brush or camp fire or any other fire source. Let machinery cool before refueling. Clean up spills promptly and discard cleanup materials properly. Never use gasoline in place of kerosene. Don’t smoke when handling gasoline. On the road ... Don’t get in and out of your vehicle when fueling, as an electrical charge on your body could spark a fire. Place the gas can on the ground before filling, not inside a vehicle or in the bed of a pick-up truck. And if a gas can fire starts ... Do not attempt to extinguish the fire or stop the flow of gasoline. Leave the area immediately, and call for help.For more detailed information, visit the National Fire Protection Association gasoline fire page. - See more at: http://letamericaknow.com/view_feature_ysk.php?memberid=21427&orderid=419&issueid=1208#sthash.YBkIfK1M.dpuf
  19. Gas Can Explosions

    200 Years Flame arresters were invented 200 years ago and are used today on water heaters, charcoal lighter fluid and even Bacardi 151 rum. Flame arresters have also been used in metal gas cans for 100 years and have effectively prevented explosions. Source: Portable Gasoline Container Explosions and Their Prevention, Society of Forensic Engineers and Scientists 95%19,000,000 Plastic gas cans represent 95 percent of all gas cans sold in America, or an estimated 19 million per year. Blitz USA, the manufacturer accounting for 75 percent of all U.S. sales, does not include a flame arrester in its plastic gas cans. Source: Consumer Product Safety Commission 2003 Memo (download) and Various Industry Sources 1926. 155(l) Workplace standard 1926.155(l) on fire protection and prevention require that gas cans have flame arresters. Yet gas cans sold to American consumers are not required to meet the same standards. Source: Safety and Health Regulations for Construction, Occupational Safety and Health Care Administration
  20. Gas Can Explosions

    Here is a video also explaining the issue with the fuel containers that gives issues. From what i am getting it is the consumer cans that give problems. http://investigations.nbcnews.com/_news/2013/12/04/21736375-warning-scientists-say-gas-cans-carry-risk-of-explosion?lite Marko
  21. Gas Can Explosions

    Fuel Containers EPA & CARB Compliant Gas Containers CARB stands for California Air Resources Board. They established environmental requirements for portable fuel containers in California. Some other states have also adopted these requirements. Those states currently include Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Maine, Maryland, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas and Virginia. In these states, the fuel cans and nozzles sold MUST be CARB compliant. CARB compliant means: 1. An autostop, self venting nozzle that stops the flow of fuel when the target tank reaches full. 2. A single opening for filling & pouring. No separate vents or openings. 3. A treated can body for very low permeation. 4. Automatic closure. Nozzle automatically springs to the closed position when not pouring. The requirements establish controls on portable fuel containers (primarily gas cans) that will significantly reduce emissions of benzene and other hazardous air pollutants (‘‘mobile source air toxics’’). Benzene is a known human carcinogen, and mobile sources are responsible for the majority of benzene emissions. The other mobile source air toxics are known or suspected to cause cancer or other serious health effects. Effective 01/01/09, all gas cans manufactured for sale in the U.S. must comply with CARB and EPA national regulations. However, retailers may still legally sell through their existing inventory of product manufactured prior to the cut-off date.
  22. Gas Can Explosions

    Go to a fire fighter supply house they will have some good cans for a fair price. Just a quick search of the net i found this http://www.nationalfirefighter.com/index.php?cPath=20_307 hope this helps. Marko
  23. Employees or Subs??

    Both are headaches. i would rather just focus my energy on my customers and business its self. And in due time hand the reins to my children. Subs and employees honestly really dont give a flying potatoe about you or your business all they care about is the check. Marko
  24. Worst thing happened to me is when i fired my unit up and inside the burner area it caught fire. My fuel tank had a small crack in it and was leaking fuel in the burner area. Man it melted 100 foot of pressure hose and made an indention in the asphalt. Machine was fine though, besides a fusable plug blew out. That was the scariest thing that has happened to me. Marko
  25. Thank you Amy will do/