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  1. Beth, forum looks great! Hi woodies, long time, no see!
  2. Thanks, Rick. I'll let Tom know. Its a spring project.
  3. Homeowner has ipe work that needs TLC. My network, unfortunately falls short of covering that area. (unless Tom/ACR services wood?). This is a fairly decent sized project but too far out for us to handle. I've cut my forum tours down so i don't get over to TGS often. If you are interested, please email me at pressurepros at maildotcom. Title the email appropriately so I spot it. Thank you in advance. While I appreciate the offer from someone willing to help, if you haven't done ipe before, this is not a training project.
  4. Everyone should see this....

    It hasn't been a good week for the Dems.
  5. If the deck beads the product rocks!
  6. Gutter Sucker-Mike Hughes

    That's the thing you were telling me about?
  7. Storm

    Its the government. It can and will change the rules at random to suit its needs. Your point is 100% accurate.
  8. Storm

    Tom, we can handle a 20" storm (they are rare). If we were to get another large storm or two before this one melted, I think they dump the snow into the river.
  9. Storm

    Been comin' down since 3 am here. Looks about 20 inches on my vehicles that haven't moved since yesterday.
  10. You get what you pay for...

    John, I learned that lesson. The homeowner signs the contract. It doesn't eliminate your risk but if the person tried to make settlement within 65 days of the wash and they haven't paid, I will be at the closing with lien in hand. "3000 SQF EIFS/Stucco, 20x20 deck, and 75' driveway, 30' walkway, roof blown off, but not washed.. My bid was $396." Wow.. If you got beat at those rates its time to find a new source of job leads. Obviously your discounts do not make them loyal to you.
  11. no pictures no idea of your experience no idea of your overhead no idea of the degree of difficulty no idea what type of equipment you have There is no possible way anyone can give you a price.
  12. Survivor: Pressure Washing Industry

    he might have an inch. laugh it up Jose.. you are my south of the border stunt double.
  13. Survivor: Pressure Washing Industry

    Scott, I may regret this but... Custom Bobblehead, Personalized Bobbleheads, Bobblehead Doll, Groomsmen Gifts & Wedding Cake Toppers & Top
  14. Survivor: Pressure Washing Industry

    Rob, You can fill in as my stunt double! We're dancing around it, but we got something here.
  15. Survivor: Pressure Washing Industry

    Now that Billy Mays Hayes has passed on, there needs to be a new pitchman to take his place. HI ! RONNIE ********** HERE TO SHARE WITH YOU THE MOST IMPORTANT PRODUCT I HAVE EVER ENDORSED!