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  1. Red is the worst , anything with solid stain or paint I walk , if still persistent I run .
  2. Electrical outlets...safety

    The first thing we do on any job is walk the house and Gorilla tape all the outlets. Always good to have a fire extinguisher on board also because the breakers don't always trip and you can have a fire . Been there done that.
  3. Sorry to have missed this years event , but here in CT it was man against nature , with lots O snow and ice dams galore , Comes A Time was kicking butt shoveling and steaming , but thinking of you all nice and warm ,with that great spread and keg . Already looking forward to the next event . Maybe have someone do a ropes certification class ?
  4. Yes , we are now set up to do anything .
  5. Would appreciate some opinions

    And get a x jet if your going to be doing houses , it comes with a mix recipe , you will save lots of time washing houses .
  6. Would appreciate some opinions

    Matt look into working with a local professional for a season , go to seminars / trade shows and take notes , See the Equipment in action , Your already in the right place asking the right questions , remember with a trade you can take it any where , before , during and after college . Save your money and get a 5.6 gal hot water unit , you will be banging out those drive ways . :-)
  7. Sodium Percarbonate for Roofs

    I agree totally , before slinging false information around , please do some more research ,( don't believe everything AC soft wash tells you )
  8. Lowballer Rig spotted in Vegas.

    John you are sounding like a prima Donna with a hair across your ass who cares what kind of rig this guy has ?worry about YOUR business ,not every sub par rig out there , most of us started our business with a lot less than that rig .( I had a SW portable 3500 ) Just because a guy doesn't go to all the round tables , or have the best rig on the street doesn't make him a low baller .not knowing all the facts on someone ( or there rig ) and spouting off about it is a little pre mature on your end . Yes you have been a great help on all the boards and at functions ( round tables ) but its time to take a step back and reflect and remember when you were a newbie . Maybe it will humble you .:)
  9. What is the most effective way to get jobs?

    Quality work , a professional wrapped trailer , good references . Call back pronto Know how to speak to people , look and act professional , be on time .
  10. Who's going NY RT. I'm winning the skid

    I'm gonna win the skid , I could use another electric reel too .
  11. The Chemical Doctor

    Nice to see ya back ole buddy , great chatting with you today , great chems great service great guy I'm glad I never switched , was bummed when you left the biz . Welcome back Steve , time for a northeast round table we need to educate more Yankees :)
  12. Had that happen today, nailed the sky lights on the other side of house and slate walkway .
  13. Rod thanks for the Info on the library and thank you Larry for the reclain info .
  14. Thanks Rod I sent Larry a e-mail , I can't understand why Ive had over 54 views on another board but one reply , are contractors not sure of the right answer ? or just don't care ? Either way we need to get educated on this reclaim stuff , that storm drain dumps into a river with trophy trout fishing , I don't want to be eating a oxalic trout do any of you ??
  15. I have a commercial job to bid cedar shake siding with cedar shake roof (dutch colonial style over a (covered ) brick walkway . concrete and pavement every where- no grassy surfaces . the customer wants it stripped and brightened , it has a old coat of semi trans oil , now I know I have to reclaim , what is the proper way to do this ?? cover storm drain , recover water ,filter through what kind of filter ?? I have acess to a sanitary sewer dump drain where a friend dumps his camper waste ?? is this workable ?? Thanks for the help Im a newbie , at reclaim and want to do it right . Ive posted this on other boards lots of looks with only one answer .Someone must of run into this sort of thing .