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  1. With Facebook swallowing up everything in its path around the globe making so many platforms obsolete, it never became the beacon of professional information like these Industry Bulletin Boards did at the turn of the century up until about 6-7yrs ago. I had great memories on this particular bb here that came to mind today which is why I'm posting this now. For this dinosaur these memories I call....the good old days.
  2. This week alone we stripped 2 houses with a few other jobs as well. This house here is 3 stories in height on the sides and front which faces the Long Island Sound. We did not only the house but also the roof as well. This job took two days and today when my guys finished it was 39 degrees for the high. A total pain but where booked and these jobs have to get done.. Clark Check out the shirts you just made for us.. they are pretty stain resisting. Bleach or hydroxide hasnt hurt these shirts.. Anyone reading this get Clark Hussey to do your shirts. He knows about Powerwashing and he knows what type of material works.. Clark has also done our business cards. He is an Industry person that powerwashers and he knows what works best for us. Check out his website and let him suggest whats best for you but he will also do what you think is best as well. Just another reason to work with Industry type people who are out there like you are doing the work like we do. Thanks Clark:) https://mybizcard.co/user/rate/1192/54f0457b374dadd18812c75f927907f3/
  3. You can't go wrong purchasing a Hydrotek. They have one of the best reputations in the Industry.
  4. We can't make the PWRA big dance this year since Kathy booked a house on the Jersey Shore the first week of August for my daughters sweet 16. Out of curiosity Beth what will you be speaking about there?
  5. Vinyl siding

    The guys that splash & dash vinyl obviously don't know what they're doing. Vinyl is such an easy clean that we can price them out without even showing up to do the estimate.(This takes some experience in doing). If guys are brushing houses more power to them. We haven't had to brush any in 21 yrs in business but I'll say this, we are not in the business of "restoring" vinyl. We just clean it to the customers satisfaction. Restoring vinyl to take out oxidation for example is great money but it's not for us.
  6. Vinyl siding

    The days of cleaning vinyl on a continuing bases with a brush & cloth is ancient history. No offense but doing a house like that these days is like saying you saw a dinosaur at the beach.
  7. Vinyl siding

    Yup--Sodium Hypochlorite (bleach) in your house wash mixture is pretty much a must when cleaning vinyl.
  8. Exterior gutter cleaning

    If the gutters can clean up nicely with our house wash mix then we spray them. Most cases we just apply our gutter cleaner with a brush.
  9. We have employees & every cleaning solutions we use we have SDS sheets for because of safety & liability reasons. At the PWRA convention in DC we took that class Jeremy Keifer taught about why you need SDS(Formerly known as MSDS)sheets & the fines that were levied towards his company because he didn't have SDS sheets on everything. Safety must come first especially when it comes to employees.
  10. 36" & Larger Surface Cleaners

    OK Andrew I added you to the Parking Garage Cleaning FB group. Check it out & you should find some pretty cool pictures there. Enjoy
  11. 36" & Larger Surface Cleaners

    Andrew what's your last name so I can find you on FB and add you to that Parking Garage group.
  12. 36" & Larger Surface Cleaners

    Go on Facebook and look me up under John Tornabene . Then hit me up on a PM and I'll connect you over to the "Professional Garage cleaning" group I'm running. There's plenty of pictures of large surface machines on that including ones you can drive.
  13. 36" & Larger Surface Cleaners

    Interesting post back in the day.
  14. To one of the best and oldest Powerwashing bulletin boards I ever been on - Merry Christmas & a happy healthy & prosperous New Year to the TGS & Members.
  15. Nice setup Rod. How do you like that blue non marking hose? I use to own some yellow ones & also a couple of blues & I found they use to leave marks on driveways etc. The grey hoses always worked best for us.
  16. Cool Rod. Show pics if you can. I may do another van setup down the road.
  17. Who are your favorite sport teams???

    If the playoffs were now the Caps could be champs. Come the real playoffs the Caps are notoriously their own worst enemies. They put a new meaning in "Choke" lol
  18. If its above freezing and there's work that can be done we do it. This time of year when it gets slow every job we get now is more money I can squirrel away for those snowy days that are coming.
  19. This ice damming is for commercial flatwork only for a particular object. My connection has 6000 accounts and I will be covering the 5 Borroughs of NY city and possibly a chunk of NJ. This work sucks but a friend of mine made over a 100grand doing this so with those #'s I'm willing to role the dice.
  20. Gearing up for commercial ice-damming with one of my trucks. I may regret this because I'll be on call whenever they need me. Could even be called on Christmas day. The money side is good because we get paid the minute we leave to the minute we get back. Right now where doing gutter clean outs and and an out of state Parking Garage thanksgiving day weekend which is going so suck but it will help pay the bills.
  21. Depending how my wife feels there's a good chance we'll be there. Her radiation treatments start in February. So far she's doing great & she would love to see the old crew again at an ACR RT.
  22. Telescoping wands

    Nice! I always enjoyed Powerwashing from a lift but they're never cheap to use & if we can find a way to clean with out one we'll explore those options first. We have used our extension wands in the past with a shooter tip on it when the height was only maybe 60' or so up there.
  23. Telescoping wands

    There's a big difference between drilling out a red tip and using a "shooter" tip. Its like going to a shooting range with a handgun and a rifle to do some long distance target practice. The barrel of the rifle makes a world of difference in target shooting for long distance as does the barrel of a shooter tip. $30 for a pinpoint accurate shooter tip that give you excellent distance as well is money in the bank every time in the powerwashing business. Its also great for safety reasons because it keeps you off ladders and saves your back because you'll use your extension wand much less often so it's a "win win" in my book!
  24. Who are your favorite sport teams???

    Yes very true. I'm not a fan of the NY Yankees but their organization does it best out of any American professional sport team. Management always runs that team with the idea of winning the Word Series and they'll do whatever it takes to succeed such as bying players etc. Anything short of winning it all to them is considered a failure!! This is why they have 27 championships & a team like the Capitals in Hockey have NONE!!