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  1. You could win if you Play, Post here to get entered. You can Enter By Texting NCE to 25827
  2. The X-Jet debate

    I still Love My DS
  3. If your Proud Post them!!! Kids Photo's

    Easter Bunny
  4. Sure why not!! Both would be cool.
  5. Mini Ipad Give Aways National Cleaning Expo

    Text the Magic Words to 25827 ...NCE
  6. Mini Ipad Give Aways National Cleaning Expo

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1rPIjNkD7wc Look for a Online Hot Water Giveaway
  7. Mini Ipad Give Aways National Cleaning Expo

    Jay won the First Drawing
  8. I think the 9-11 memorial is a better Idea, regardless if it funded by the government I think the project would be cool. If you pull it off I'll send a truck for a Week
  9. Sidewalk Contract Proposal agreement. If you would like this in Word 2007 it caculates the figures automatic. Please just Place your e-mail here. If you don't have word it likely will not open. A&C Properties Jennifer Cameron Metro Towne Center Metro Pkwy & 31st Ave 15 day Shops A & C 0819.pdf
  10. What is the Best Turbo Nozzle Made

    didn't know it has
  11. Nice looking Page John, you need your photo up there. Environmental Guidelines | The PWNA
  12. Part Timers

    I feel like that after 28 years, I only worked about 2 hours last week. Started high-rise washing back up because a client bought a building in Phoenix and didn't want to use the company that did the work in the past.
  13. Part Timers

    I recommend no one starts part-time, sure no one has enough work the day they start. Maybe they sell 39 hours a week
  14. If your Proud Post them!!! Kids Photo's

    lol shes a beauty , bald katie
  15. If your Proud Post them!!! Kids Photo's

    My wife also hates it when we go out on the streets in the neighborhood. My dad always let us park the car at early age of 12. Terrible story when my son was nine my mother let him move her van, he ran her over. yeah it happened, she stood in with the door open trying to teach him. He hit the gas the door knock her down and the van rolled over her. Broken hip was all, my son was more traumatized about running his grandmother over. Stories !!!!
  16. Part Timers

    Thanks for correcting the confusion on your life, congratulation you changed your last bed pan.:) Nurses have a rough job i would rather pressure wash a pig barn than deal with Bodily fluids. Seriously nursing is no walk in the park, these people have difficult jobs. I was kind of wondering because a birdie said your hydro tek business was booming. Glad your finding success, I hear your events are really good to. Most likely the only one in the industry I have not attended. Your invited to the Jersey event Next month Free, Jack can come to free to as a professional Courtesy. Phoenix Round table seminar 2008 Educational events to improve need fresh innovative ideas. I'm bored with the regular seminar style events, remember phoenix hands on actual demo on hand and instruction. Classroom is great and you gave a good safety Course I'm sure the guys appreciate the help. Your have a great event Matt, congratulations on going full-time.
  17. Part Timers

    WOW Matt I didn't think your full-time nursing still. You have a ton on your plate, distributorship , contractors business and full-time Nurse. Did I miss anything, your a Busy guy. Oh and Instructors and School!!!!
  18. Part Timers

    Mike let explain that I think someone seasonal and part-time are two different animals. Contrary to your remarks about part-timers needing a Benefit are just the opposite of my thought process. I'm thinking that John & you being full-time peace officers means you might not need the work as badly as someone who is full-time relying on this income solely to feed there family. John was Vary proud he lived in one of the wealthiest communities and his job paid him well. So there's two trains of thought, I'm a part-timer with enough income from my full-time Job I can hold out for higher paying Jobs. Or the thought process is I can Low-ball because I have a full-time job that feeds my family and do not need to make the margins of a full-time contractor. This could go either way, but lets face it you or John will not need any charity anytime soon because you both run great businesses and make a bunch with your full-time Jobs. I like to see full-timers because I think across the Board its just a better over all goal. Yes weekend warriors are in a different class of there own. - - - Updated - - - I Agree with this, mastering the Craft is what its all about.
  19. If your Proud Post them!!! Kids Photo's

    You ever let the 2 year old Drive ?
  20. If your Proud Post them!!! Kids Photo's

    Great Pics guys
  21. I Think your right, to tough to just say one certain man unless that person had a great influence on you. After Dave I see many great folks who have contributed to my outlook and success in this industry. Many to many to list, each day goes by I learn something from someone. I can tell you its good to see new guys stepping up and doing there part to help foster a better future. I'm grateful to many of them.
  22. WOW thanks for the nice words, I do agree that Doug is one of the men on my list. Doug ********** is a true industry leader. He has also become one of my best friends in life, he and his family are great people and have a special place with me. I have learned from Doug after nearly 28 years in business. Its amazing the things a person can learn from there peers when theres open and honest Dialog, Doug is one of those men. Integrity and honesty are at the top of the list when we all think of Doug **********.
  23. We talk about industry Leaders, the one man who comes to my mind the most was Dave Olson. Dave Past away dec 2011 and he is missed for sure, I select Dave because I know Dave helped people, he was also innovative in the way he invented things and then shared them. I think without Dave Olson's in this industry we would have not had the lead on fostering this amongst one another. Dave was the leader and pioneer when it came to this way before BBS or the NET. I think My list is has many, but Dave Olson is a stand out and if your talking with anyone he is someplace in the Top of the heap.