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  1. Power Washing School - Hard Surface Restoration and Sealing - Hands On TrainingFront 9 University 855-803-1133 Next Class: Feb 10-13, 2016 in Palm Desert, CA Training Hours at Front 9 University Count Towards ***** Credit Hours! We are pleased to announce that Front 9 University is now in full force! Learn secrets to cleaning and restoration that will separate you from your competition FOREVER! 3.5 Days Hand-On Training Course Classes are Wednesday through Saturday Afternoon and will be held in Palm Desert, CA. Class 1: Wednesday Feb 10, 2016. Rust and Battery Stain Restoration and Sealing Class 2: Thursday Feb 11, 2016. Gray Concrete Restoration and Sealing Class 3: Friday and Saturday Feb 12, 13th. Colored Concrete/Paver Restoration and Sealing <strong><strong> Day 1 Classroom Pressure Washing Basics $699: Sales, Marketing, ADA, Hazardous Stains, Slip and Falls, COF’s & Why We are Needed: - Pressure washer selection: Hot vs. Cold, PSI vs. GMP -Wand selection -Chemical selection -Degreasers and acids -Surface cleaner selection --Adjustable vs non-adjustable --Tip selection --Causes of striping and damage Environmental -Methods of water recovery -----Vacuboom -----Recovery surface cleaner -----Gutter recovery Safety -Boots and what kind -Gloves and what kind -Glasses -Respirators Always have a plan Day 1 In the Field: Battery Acid and Rust Removal Restoration & Seal --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Day 2 In the Field $899: Gray concrete; Turning an ugly slab into something beautiful. $899 "Granitize" and seal. You will learn how to make concrete "perfect" or close to it. These techniques are unique to Front 9 Restoration and you will not learn these secrets anywhere else in the world. Learn how to always get your surface cleaner than your competition! Covers basics of acid washing, restoration, proper neutralization and a secret way to make concrete look "perfect". -Remove calcium staining, calcium carbonate, hard water stains, even out concrete texture and color -Surface cleaner process and techniques with and without recovery -Etching and how to fix -Floor tool techniques and obstacle course -Edging and cutting in -Advanced Techniques -More Earn Certificate: Gray Concrete Restoration and Sealing --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Day 3 In the Field $899: Seal gray concrete from day before and perform restoration on colored concrete. May substitute pavers, riverstone or other substrate depending on work available. -Remove calcium staining, calcium carbonate, hard water stains, even out concrete texture and color -More advanced techniques -Sealer options -Tips and tricks -More ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Day 4 In the Field: Seal colored concrete from day before. -Question/Answer session -Certificates of Completion Purchase individual classes or purchase all at reduced rate of $1997. This can be split into an immediate deposit of $1000 with the other $997 due 2 weeks before class. No Refunds, but deposit may be used for another class at different date. Please call 855-803-1133 if you would like to split payments. Training hours at F9 University count towards ***** credit hours. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Classes will be held at the Pulte Homes Community of Sun City Palm Desert. There are a few hotels in the area where you can stay. You can fly into Palm Springs International airport. Alternatively, check into flights at Ontario airport or LAX for cheaper flights, but this will require an hour to 2.5 hours travel into the Palm Desert area. https://www.motel6.com/en/motels.ca.palm-desert.10... http://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/pspsr-renais... http://www.marriott.com/hotels/hotel-photos/ctdca-... http://www.marriott.com/hotels/hotel-rooms/ctdds-m... http://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/ctdcy-courty... There are others, so please check them out! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Front 9 University: The dates for the Hands-On Training 2016 in Palm Desert, CA are as follows: Classes are Wednesday through Saturday Afternoon: Feb 10-13, 2016 March 9-12, 2016 April 6-9, 2016 May 11-14, 2016 June 8-11, 2016 July TBD Aug TBD Sept 7-10, 2016 Oct 5-8, 2016 Nov 16-19, 2016 Dec 7-10, 2016 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. Amazing work as always, Al!
  3. Gutter Zap stain on concrete?

    Did you get these rust stains out?
  4. First X-Jet job done...

    The X-Jet pulls via venture effect. You'll pull chems at 50% mixed at the tip. If you tried to get mine off the wand it's probably rusted on there and permanently attached... that's not from lack of use. It's from never taking it off!
  5. Rust stain on painted brick

    Acids like HCL or HF not good for that. F9 will work. The only colored stuff we need to be careful of is poorly mixed colored concrete or pavers that are not strong. They use iron oxides in the mix that can get pulled out of the substrate hydrated too quickly. A weak bond between color and surface can be pulled out.
  6. Rust stain on painted brick

    F9 on that all the way. 1:2 ratio, barely mist it on.. call me if you need further help. Easy.
  7. Rust stain on painted brick

    F9 will work for that. Use normal solution and a very light mist coat. It wont etch it like one restore.
  8. Rust stain on painted brick

    Ryan, so many variables here. Was it F9 you used or another chem?
  9. Rust stain on painted brick

    Excellent to hear. Nice job.
  10. Muratic shelf life

    I've heard muriatic (hydrochloric) should have a very long shelf life as long as the cap is on really tight and no vapors escape. Very long as in 10+ years!
  11. Carlos EBC and Craig F9 and others-Thoughts

    It's always good to not put all of your eggs in one basket. For F9, we have many target markets that can use the cleaner. With that said, my primary alliance is with keeping the product for professional application only. Whether this be through our F9 Professional Applicator network, contractors or maintenance department training. This keeps the product in the hands of the most capable companies and who are worth the time investment of training, technical seminars, online videos etc. Also, since I own a pressure washing business and it is something I thoroughly enjoy, I feel good about giving information and leads to companies who are truly appreciative of the information and receptive to learning new applications and techniques.
  12. Rust removal with F9 in Huntsville, AL

    HF can be dangerous stuff if not handled properly. F9 is not HF, does not contain any EPCRA section 313 chemicals, has no halogenated hydrocarbons, is biodegradable and will not bioaccumulate. I do agree that HF can make a great rust remover as well as Oxalic but users of these chems need to be aware of the dangers with unbuffered or uninhibited acids. When handling and using these types of chems, always wear an acid-gas respirator, gloves, boots, eye protection and full body protection. As usual and even when using any acid (or caustic) based chems we would recommend the use of rubber gloves, boots, eye protection and skin protection.
  13. Rust removal with F9 in Huntsville, AL

    I've been through them all too, which is what inspired me to keep working on F9 through the years. I can't tell you the 1000's of tweaks we've made to make this work for us and our environment. Our clients are very picky here and we've made them all very happy with our cleaning techniques and how clean we can get things. I'm glad we've come to a point where we can help others get the same results!
  14. Rust removal with F9 in Huntsville, AL

    Wow.. Thanks for exploring and finding new uses!
  15. Rust removal with F9 in Huntsville, AL

    Here are the application vids. How to remove battery stains on a driveway How to remove rust on pavers How to remove rust stains on concrete from metal How to remove rust stains on stucco How to spray from control joint to control joint How to dissolve the crystals in a BARC bottle What kind of sprayer should I use The difference between white and orange battery stains F9 Applicator Video Acid wash pool