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  1. What is the most effective way to get jobs?

    Sercive Magic, Has been the best for me so far. Every hit I got from them I have landed the job
  2. Lightning, MMI & James , thanks for the input The stone is white and offwhite, I wish I could use my surface cleaner but the rock is to uneven, I sure the bleach will take care of the mold and black stuff, What would yall suggest on the brown water stains around the bottom of the house
  3. I went to look at a jop today thats about 5000 sqft of limestone sidewalks and patios. The rock is not anytype of manufactured product its just texas limestone. I did a test run on it but was not to happy with the results. Does anyone know what chemical of soap that would give me better results?
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    Dont forget about the Florida Meeting July 31