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  1. Smoking Ban

    smokers have it harder than junkies and alcoholics
  2. Any Golfers here?

    i just got into it this year, i spend a lot of time at the driving range. Can't hit a ball worth the crap, but i'm gonna keep going. Doing a 9 hole on thursday( i'll let you know how i do)
  3. How do you pay your guys?

    i pay with beer and game tokens.
  4. Llc

    how many of you are LLCs? what is the overall benefit, and what did it cost and how did you go about it?
  5. Do you have Harry Potter fans in your house?

    We 've seen the 3 movies and can't wait until the 4th one comes in November. i've never read any of the books, but i'd like to
  6. Van or Trailer

    i have a 95 grand caravan that i gutted and had the windows tinted, it works out well
  7. Brush Hog

    Has Anyone Ever Made A Homemade Brush Hog? Not The Kind You Push Or The Pto Driven Type. I'm Looking Almost For Any Idea That Would Be A Towable Deck Style.
  8. removing wallpaper

    I always use a wallpaper steamer and a plastic scraper,works well and no damage to the drywall.
  9. Tell Me What Your Thoughts

    I Currently Work In The Automotive Field And I Feel It's Time For A Change. I'm Looking At The Possibility Of Training To Become A Licensed Home Inspector. Right Now I Wash Part Time, So What I Would Do Is Put The Home Inspection And Pressure Washing As One Business. Any Info, Advice, Ideas Or Comments Would Be Great. Thanks Patrick
  10. Self Or Cpa ?

    How Many Of You Do Your Own Books Vs Having A Cpa Do It ? And Why?
  11. Good laugh.

    I Couldn't Agree More With Washaway, But Lets Not Forget The Exchange Rate And The Gentlemans Clubs, More Bang For Your Buck.
  12. Company Shirts

    I've Got A Lady Around The Corner That Does My Hats For $10 Each (price Includes The Hat) And Shirts For Twelve ( Iron On ). I Didn't Think That Was To Bad.
  13. Missing Bill Clinton

    Bring Back Jimmy Carter
  14. Missing Bill Clinton

    Very Good! Lets Leave It Alone. The 666 Thing Is Just A Goof.