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  1. Help with Pricing on fountian

    I don't want this to sound like a dumb question, but how would you go about measuring the statue, everything seems so uneven. Would you measure from the widest point and from the tallest point and consider it to be squared, even though it's not. Sorry if that sounds dumb. I just need to know my options if i decide to do it by sqft. Thanks for the help.
  2. Help with Pricing on fountian

    Thanks for the replies. I think i'm just going to price them by project. This is just going to have to be a learning experience for me in terms of pricing these kind of projects. They are wanting the quote by thursday of this week. Any more suggestions would be appreciated. I live about 4 hours from jeffersonville. It would be to hard to price by SqFt and to many variables.
  3. Hello everyone, this is going to be my first post since intoducing myself. I'm in need of some help with pricing a entrance way fountian. The fountian includes 8 mermaid and swan structures. It also includes 1 large lady at the top. 2 small water reservoirs, 1 large reservoir. It's natural carving stone from Italy. The stone is called Vicenza Stone and Lecce Stone. Now what is needed to be done on this project is: clean all structors, Remove pool paint from bottom resivior, repaint large reservoir with pool paint, strip out loose caulking from around barrier of large reservoir, recaulk, caulk cracks in structure, seal entire structure. They are suppling the cleaner and clear sealer. I have to supply pool paint, and waterproof caulking. This is to be done in a gated community for the homeowners association. This is the only and most exspensive gated community in our city. The good thing about this is that if i do a great job, i will be the one that does this every year. Not to mention getting all the work in this community. I just don't know how to go about pricing something like this. I usually charge by the sq ft. but that won't work for this project. Any help would be appreciated. If you would like to call my personal number is (765)251-7008 Thanks S. Fouce
  4. The New Guy

    Thaks for the welcome and the comments.
  5. The New Guy

    Thought i had everything filled out correctly. Filled my signature out now. One more thing about my business is that here in the north it gets pretty cold in the winter, so what i will be doing at that time is foreclosure and rental cleanout. Thanks, i have lived here my whole life why did u leave? Thanks Shannon Fouce
  6. The New Guy

    Hello everyone, this is my first post. I started Fouce's Pressure Washing and Cleaning LLC this May. I have been taken notes a lot of notes and researching this board since August '08. In a way i learned almost everything i know about pressure washing from you guys and gals. Not saying i know everything about it because i don't. I will have some questions sooner or later. I want to say thank you for this site and so much information. I started this business because i feel there is a demand for it. There are only 2 other Pressure Washer business in the county and they don't advertise (they have other full time jobs). There may be some that do it on the side, but they are not legit. I plan on touching a little of everything, but washing cars to see where the market in my area is at. So far i have cleaned houses, driveways, patios, sidewalks, pool decks, and preped a deck for staining. So far the majority of my calls have been for houses, driveways, and sidewalks. I plan on doing alot of decks because there are so many in this area. I am currently trying to get in with the construction and masonary companies for construction clean-up. There are a lot of new buildings and homes that are currently being built in my area. I am having a hard time getting any big bussiness to clean. I'm currently trying to find out who the property management companies are that contract for the places. For example the McClure gas stations. We have several in our area and the sidewalks are packed with gum and the concrete at the pumps are filthy. So i am working on finding out who these companies are so i can get in touch with them about it. I am go bust my butt and do what i have to, to make this a successful business I am currently doing direct mail, but i started handing out cards and flyers to everyone and in every neighborhood i could. I generated alot of calls from this, but i only closed on 4-5 out of every10 so i dont think that is bad at all. Again i just wanted to say hi and thank you to everyone on this forum. If there is anything else you want to know just ask. Shannon Fouce Fouce's Pressure Washing and Cleaning LLC Marion, IN