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  1. just a little guy

    Wood with deckscape solid
  2. just a little guy

    mike, this is just to help pay for school and a new truck. Dental school is only a year and a half away!
  3. just a little guy

    i really like F-18 but i have used timberstrip on the last 4 jobs and seems to work a bit better i think?! But my season is done in 2 weeks and i couldn't be happier with how it went. Have 4 jobs booked for next season already and i hope i can book the entire month of may before spring break. This industry is a lot of work but it pays to be in it. JL
  4. just a little guy

    thanks for the great comments guys!
  5. just a little guy

    gotta start somewhere
  6. just a little guy

    I was going to strip the spindles but they didn't budge. So i just stripped most i could (2x stripping with the max at probably 12-13 oz) then the makita and osborne went to work. i did the top and bottom rail and post then applied another coat of green to cover up the over spray and such. Over all, about 20-23 hrs into the job.
  7. just a little guy

    F-18 to strip and the green is deckscapes solid acrylic. It was a lot of work and made a small fortune on it.
  8. western red cedar acrylic restoration, ready seal natural cedar
  9. Steel Siding

    couldn't find much info on here but i was wondering how you clean it? Thanks, JL
  10. Insurance and Form 8832

    Just updated my insurance through joe walters, supper affordable, and was also looking to file form 8832 to go from single member llc scheudle c to s-corp schedule to avoid the 15% self-employment tax. Do you guys think its worth the hassle? Thanks, JL
  11. I love Insurance

    So I was out on a job finishing up a big cedar deck when I check my phone and see 3 missed calls and 2 voice mails. At first I was thinking I’m in trouble or something but turns out its some lady who almost sounds like she is crying asking if I could wash her house. So I call her up and there was a storm that went through their town and the insurance was paying for her house to get washed before the guy comes out to assess the damage. Got the call Tuesday evening, had it finished in 2 hours on Wednesday (my day off). Who knew you could get $550 for a house wash? Oh it was a referral as well!
  12. defelt

    I just use the defelt pads for finish work because they are not durable enough...bulk of the work is delegated to the osborne brush.
  13. defelt

    i have 1 already, spindles not post
  14. how do you gys deflet between the spindles?
  15. What do you think?

    yea so just got done stripping and brightening this deck...IT WAS AN ACRYLIC! I was able to get about 95% but man was i in a bad mood when i got there. The bill for this deck should have been $450 more than what it is, but they were still happy getting the wood back. Now i just have to defelt the crap out of it and stain. Im just gald my next one is just a wash and stain!