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  1. Heeeeeeelp!!

    I agree with you Rod. If not requiring a sealing afterwards, at least forewarn of the likely need for a reseal. Being stupid (and trusting) should hurt. I always test the finish to make sure what I am getting in to. But I could not and cannot recreate the wet conditions we had. Even soaking test pieces in water, stained with the same stuff, does not do anything but then why would it until it weathers for 2 years...... I went back to try to get the remainder of this deck's stain to lift again. My 12% deck wash does not touch it. Heck straight 12% does not touch it. We had an extended period of humid/wet weather prior to the deck wash with .21" of rain the day before and 1.15" the day of. Looks like it was a classic case of some of the stain was about to fail and where it was not failing....you cannot easily get it off. So even if I tested but did not pick the right area, I would not have caught this beforehand. I should have stopped before applying the wash, the second I saw footprints in the stain and brought out the homeowner to see. Live and learn. In the future,if I have not installed the stain, I will handle this differently before quoting.
  2. Heeeeeeelp!!

    Lol! You are killing me and making me hungry. I am a kringle fan myself!
  3. Heeeeeeelp!!

    Thanks for the thoughts. I have some of this stain. I did some samples and properly applied.....chlorine is not a problem. One of the problems with this is I am sure they stained unseasoned cedar and as we know that means short term success then quick failure!
  4. Heeeeeeelp!!

    They are already badmouthing us to the neighbors before we can get together and work this out as I lost a small job next door. This may be a no win situation! As for washing it or not....it was already soft from the rain. This was not noticed until after we had done most of the house....bad deal.
  5. Heeeeeeelp!!

    Actually, from my initial conversations, they told me it was Cabotts and it sounded like they did it right. I never saw Cabotts do this. Olympic? Several times. They said all the right things. But then I always said, I can walk anyone thru the deck refinish process step by step and very few would get it done right. Put yourself in their shoes, whether it was 2 years and ready for a redo.....they think it looked great before I arrived. How do you convince someone it was on borrowed time. I pointed out about how this stain is very waxy when too thick and will retain water and soften. Her response was "you are reaching!" I will keep you apprised of how this turns out. If they will supply the stain...I will prep and install. Problem is, the manufacturer does not have any of this stain in any of their US warehouses and they will not mix more this year....complicates this as I do not want to strip off their mess and start over....may have to anyways!
  6. Heeeeeeelp!!

    I hear you but I have the feeling I am being played by these people. I know...so what! This started out as a house strip and restain of cedar siding. I suggested I would clean it 1st as the mold and mildew were thick....now this crops up. I thought I was taking care of them by saving them $$$.
  7. I washed a cedar deck that had Olympic WaterRepellant stain on it. Strictly light cleaning to kill mold and mildew. Used 12% cut down to 2%, with Dawn soap like we always have. I have done hundreds of these on decks that we put the stain on as part of our maintenance programs. We did not stain this deck. It was pouring rain when we did this. As we applied the cleaner...the deck stain appeared soft...I was leaving footprints in the stain. I gently flushed with a chem nozzle and half the stain washed off the decking...the spindles were ok. Customer is pissed! They stained it 2 years ago, shady area, and they think it looked good until I washed it and it is now all my fault. Stain is so thick on this cedar that you can hardly see the grain. I know that stain too thick will absorb water and get soft. What do I tell these people....I do not want to give them a freebie as I suspect they will want. I want to edjucate them and make them realize I did nothing wrong.....or did I? I am meeting with them tomorrow so....HEEEELP, PLEASE!
  8. When it comes to the deck, it depends how complex it is. If it has a bunch of railing...that costs more. 8 steps can have 20 feet of railing. Love the pics now use them to make some door hangers and promote your good work around the neighborhood!
  9. 15% SH!! Am I paying too much?

    I will take some. Who is the supplier?
  10. Chlorine diaphram Pumps

    I want to take things to the next level. If I could get a fire hose to work to spray chems.....I would!
  11. Chlorine diaphram Pumps

    I want to spray buildings, roofs and decks. I love the input but I am done with 12V pumps. The Fat Boy would be my choice if I went back to 12V.
  12. Chlorine diaphram Pumps

    That is true but I think that may be max pressure. I am hoping to regulate that down.
  13. If someone already posted on this, I apologize ahead of time but I didn't see any matches. Has anyone tried these pumps for pumping sodium hypochloride or sodium hydroxide (basically chlorine or caustic solutions)? It looks like a reasonably priced alternative to 12V electric pumps or the other more expensive diaphram pumps. Comet Diaphragm Pump — 3.5 GPM, 220 PSI, 3/4in. Shaft, Model# MC16 | Sprayer Pumps | Northern Tool + Equipment Or this one? http://www.northerntool.com/shop/tools/product_200329877_200329877?xsell=true
  14. Demo on Estimate

    We always do a test area. That way we always know what we are getting into. Quite often you will find a different and tougher finish underneath. You are right that it can be a great selling tool. Spray or squeeze bottles work well. I mix up my strongest mix for demos. My record is when my test mix loosened 12 coats of Sickens the homeowner had self applied over a 10 year span. They never thought that deck could look like new again..........nailed that one down the same visit.
  15. Out tax money at work!!!!

    I think I am going to be sick.......