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    anyone know why. I certianly did one and i am new so I am sure its me.
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    I see intersting answer in this thread. I am curious when pricing your stripping or sealing does this include your materials or is this just a labor price and you add materials. I would assume the later but you know what assuming does. I liked the way some guys estimate rails by tkaing feet x 4. thats a good idea in my book. I do think it is best to price them different from the floor do to the time it takes to do them compared to the floor.
  3. Okay, I am new here. I dont wanna call myself a newbie because I read one guy said discussing prices and such with newbies creates low ballers. I am in the property care business meaning we do a lot of different things for our clients. Some of which has been deck cleaning. Ive done okay with it but I know we can be better and more efficient. I also dont want to be a low baller. That said I am looking for sound advice. To start I would like to ask for the best reciepe for a cleaning solution when doing a deck and I am certain there are some different ones for woods such as cedar. I am all for the spray on and rinse off type of cleaning. I would like to use something to basically eliminate brushing for the most part. I wouldnt mind some good how to books and liteature as I am getting more and more of this type of request. What is the best sealer to use once deck is clean? Ill take an ABC someone is willing to offer a geniune willing to learn individual.