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  1. The X-Jet debate

    Never, ever. This is one of those threads that never ceases to fish in people with an opinion. I get a kick out of folks adding to it every now and then, reminds me of when I was first getting rolling. The M-5 was relatively new, and very in vogue. I bought one, and it serves a couple of purposes, but I pretty much DS'ed right from the beginning. I must have a couple of dozen destroyed DSers around here, and still that one old M-5. I may even have a pack of proportioners in my toolbox. LOL!
  2. Enough Already!

    I have been a moderator on TGS since I don't know when. I don't do a lot of moderating, as a PM or a phone call usually can straighten things out just fine, so you may not have noticed me doing anything. But I have to tell you that some of you have no idea what a pain it is to have to field so many calls about situations encountered on this board. I probably have done more moderating and advocating for this board at round tables and other social gatherings than I have online. Since last Wednesday, I have handled more than 100 separate calls concerning this board, or personnel of this board, or threads on this board, or members of this board. Those calls were mostly voicemails that filled my inbox faster than I could empty it. There are 24 hours of discussion on my cellphone from calls that I did manage to answer. I am not an administrator here, just a moderator in one forum. I have loved and learned from this community since before I was in business, but I don't own this board. I will not ban any members, nor do I generally hand out infractions. I post in threads when I see trouble, or more often, I just send a pm or email to gently correct errant behaviour. On occasion I have risen to bait, as I did this last week. Interestingly, I received few calls about it until after I was infracted for my behaviour, and apologized. Then the dam broke! I took a couple of days entirely away from the internet to consider my best course of action, and now here it is: It is enough. I have a business to run, a blog to write, an organization to grow, and a family to love and protect. Just a very tiny minority of callers, maybe only one (several times), said the magic word, and now I've had enough. That caller should know that a prepaid cellphone won't be protection enough from now on. The proper authorities are looking, and when they find you, I will assist them in finding you new government-owned housing. I warn you now, in the public eye, and I know you are reading this, you don't want to know how badly you have misjudged me if you think you have a shot at carrying out your threats. The law will be kinder to you than I. You are a cowardly little speck of filth, and while I was wrong about your identity before, you won't stay lucky long. It is enough. I'm resigning as a moderator here, in order to concentrate on more important tasks. I'm disappointed in the conditions that made this move attractive to me. In light of the much more real issues I have to settle, being concerned about the vacillating toleration and inverted authority rising to prevalence in this particular part of the community is extraneous. I guess I'm just a "yes man".;) It never ceases to amaze me how poorly some people know who their friends are. In parting, I'd like to thank TGS for the opportunity to serve here, it has been an honor. But it is enough. My phone is still always on, call me if you want to discuss business, the *****, weather, hunting, anything but complaints about TGS. Be positive or begone!
  3. The good, the bad, and the ugly on TGS; about forum conduct

    Discussions get heated here, as at other places where people discuss issues close to home. I have been guilty of allowing emotion to carry me away. It usually isn't pretty when it happens, and it wasn't in the specific instance to which I refer now. Kory and the TGS community deserve better treatment than I allowed when I participated in a thread with Chris Tucker that went far beyond its expiration date. Chris, I apologize specifically to you for not restraining myself in that thread. I made a choice in language there that lead to repercussions greater than intended, and I had no knowledge that you were involved in another thread full of bile elsewhere on this forum simultaneously. I'm sure you felt ganged up on. Please rest assured that I don't believe any of the TGS moderators involved were aware of the actions of the others. We did not collude to "get" you. I can only speak for myself to say that I regret the timing of our disagreement especially. Kory, I continued posting in a thread where you were being praised, when it was obviously degenerating. I'm sure Chuck, the original poster, and others reading and posting useful content there were less than pleased to see Chis and I rolling in the muck in the midst of a positive thread. I offer my unreserved apologies for that. My actions were immature, especially for a leader. To the TGS community I also apologize for not using other means to accomplish my goal in that thread, which was intended to be correction of what I perceived as a faulty line of reasoning. It should have been handled offline from the start. What Chris and I did in that thread amounts to vandalism of this forum, and for that I am very sorry to you all. I am personally irked at myself for coming to this pass. I have striven to remain above such useless shenanigans for years, but apparently lacked the conviction to handle myself as an adult in the last few days. I don't even have a stressful period to ameliorate my bruised ego. Things are going swimmingly for myself and my company, as well as my family. I have to own that I acted as a child, nobody else is responsible. Even when I thought I was being as nice as possible, I was answering bad behaviour with worse. With but a days perspective, I see the situation differently now. I shan't make this mistake again.
  4. Tell me where to find it please

    Univar is a good place to start, but I think you have to buy a 55 gallon drum. The granulated is not sodium hypochlorite, I believe it is potassium hypochlorite. I will work, but you will be miserable because it doesn't rinse very clean. You can find restaurant supply stores with 10 1/2 percent in 5ers, but check the dates on them, they may have been sitting a while.
  5. Honda vs. ZongShen engins

    The pump is rated at an optimal rpm. The number of strokes per minute, times the volume of the cylinders is your flow. PSI is based solely on flow through the orifice. Water density is static, so if volume is static, the psi is a result of how small the orifice is through which the water is being forced. If flow increases as pressure decreases, you have a leak, or have been partially in bypass.
  6. Honda vs. ZongShen engins

    First, about the Chinese motors, I'm sure they are better than they used to be, but I don't generally like them. All the Chonda bikes etc. that I have ever worked on have had serious issues with fit, finish, tolerance, and metallurgy. The 200 bucks savings usually isn't worth what I see as a gamble. Some disagree. I think a 200 dollar insurance policy using a known quantity is worth it. I'm no guinea pig, and everytime I have gone cheap, I have regretted it. A guy I know sells Hyosung motorcycles. They are well-known and liked in Asia. He hates them, because the plastic used in the fairings is what toy cars and trucks are made of here, not bike parts, and because the frames are made of tin. Yes, tin. Looks like, smells like, seems like steel. Wears like tin. Not steel. Cheap is often, just cheap. Next, fellas, there is a rule that says users must have a signature here on TGS. Lately members have been complaining that we don't enforce it enough or fairly. Please click on the link at the top left of the page that says "My Controls", go to your user CP, and create a signature. It helps us know who we are talking with, and will net you better, more, and quicker answers. Thanks, and welcome to TGS.
  7. Whatcha Wanna Know?

    When you get a moment to check out the Pressure Washing News (http://pressurewashingnews.com/) , we’d like a little help from you in BBSland. We are going to run a series of feature articles on companies and personalities in the industry. We would like to know who you are curious about. This isn’t a popularity contest; it is about people we may have heard of, or heard from, or the businesses in and around our industry, and what we want to know about them. You suggest the subjects, and we will do the interviews and write the articles to shed light on who is out there in the industry with us. Suggest people, companies, and any questions you would like answered specifically. We can’t guarantee what the subject will be willing to share, but we will do the research and ask the questions needed to get the best picture of who, what, when, where, why, and how about your colleagues in this industry, and what they think are the important issues facing it. You can email your suggestions to members of the writing team, you can post in this thread, you can call us, and you can PM us. Remain anonymous or not, you can send smoke signals in code or raise us on the CB, we want your know who you are interested in reading about. It is your online source for Pressure Washing News, be part of guiding it. Help us find out what you want and need to know. http://pressurewashingnews.com/ Thanks everybody!
  8. What is this new site everyone is talking about?

    Thanks Bill and Greg, we are striving to improve everyday. We hope to be a fixture in the industry for the long term. Speaking of industry fixtures, Bill Hunter is one of the long-time veterans that I first encountered on the now-defunct Cleaner Network. He is one of the early influences on me as I learned my craft. Thanks Bill! Keeping abreast of industry development, and events that affect the industry has been an inestimably important factor in making and keeping StainlessDeal a viable business. If PWNews can be part of making this a better industry in which to be, it will be a great success indeed. I'm proud to be a part of this talented team.
  9. What is this new site everyone is talking about?

    Come check the site out, drop a comment or two, see what's up. We want to hear what you think, and what you know. Anybody interested in contributing, or publicizing something, or with an idea for a topic or story, should use the contact information in my signature. That is my real contact info, answered unless I'm on the line, or can't hear it due to machinery. We are trying to give back to the industry that has given so much to us, we want your input and commentary. Thanks everybody, for the encouragement, and the support. We won't let you down!
  10. Craig Harrison New Info

    Well then... Congratulations Mr. Harrison! Glad to hear you are doing well, you have been one of the good guys here, and have been missed. Thanks!
  11. Craig Harrison New Info

    It's good to read a post from you, Craig, but the explanation is a bummer. I hope all is going well now.
  12. FMCSA Says "One Strike And You're OUT"

    Yeah, I can't claim that I didn't know I was in violation. As for the signs being on the trailer, the point I was making was that the guy writing the ticket was right, he just wasn't sure he was right. I find that to be the most irksome part of the system and that particular instance as well. I have been meaning to draw up a sort of PWers commercial vehicle operator's guidelines book, for a while, but lately my plate has been a little too heaped. Lot's of research required, but we should all be doing it.
  13. FMCSA Says "One Strike And You're OUT"

    Yeah, I should have been clearer on the comment about compliance. If you are operating a commercial vehicle of more than 10000 pounds gross vehicle weight rating (combined or single) you have to maintain annual inspections, driver records, a DOT Medical Examiner's Certificate (a special physical for safety), and all of that goes with having a required DOT number. The logbook is required, as is adherence to the Federal Hours of Service requirements, when you are operating outside your commercial zone, generally considered anywhere outside a 50 mile circle around your point of origin. When you log for a trip outside that area, you must include log pages for the prior 7 days, regardless of what you sere doing on those days. Logs must include pre and post trip inspection forms for the vehicle or vehicle combination you are operating. The hours of service requirements are usually summarized in the logbooks available at any truckstop, but small-print copies of the entire FMCSA code are available in most truckstops, at local DOT/DMV offices, and from your state trucking association, for small fees. The original post was intended to spur this sort of discussion, because the local interpretations can vary widely, and be contradictory. States, and in some cases cities, often have more restrictive regulations in place than the federal guidelines, especially concerning various issues like hazardous materials, and routing. My ticket was for "Improper Display of Identification", ie., no posted DOT number. My pickup and trailer together gross around 20100 pounds, before I tank the 550 gallons of water. (I NEVER tank 550 gallons) I am licensed for 13 tons, 26000 pounds, if I licensed for more (even one pound more) I would be required to keep a CDL, and a whole other set of records for my drivers. I do actually carry a class A CDL, but that is because , since they were required in 1989, I have always had one. The only endorsement I have never had is for busses, as I do not wish to haul cargo that can engage me in conversation.;) I have to admit right here, though, that my expertise in this field is absolutely current to 2004, after which it has not been my primary focus. If there are others out there with contradictory or more informed views, I very much want to hear from you.
  14. FMCSA Says "One Strike And You're OUT"

    Sorry Rod, I missed your post until just now. One of the main problems with the regulations as they now stand, is that they were written to sound good to the public. The legislators that write the statutes require the regulations to be "tough on violators", "in the public interest", and yet, "pro-business". We all know none of those is a useful description of any set of rules. Because of this, few people can say they have a firm grip on the current state of any of these regulations. Much more useful is to know how the authorities in jurisdictions where you work are enforcing the regulations. As near as I can tell, the ad I posted above is an attempt to stampede the herd over the cliff, into the classroom. I don't believe their has been any real change in text or interpretation of the codes recently. You should be safe keeping the same records this year as last. (If you were in compliance last year.) But to return to my point about jurisdictional disparity, I drove over two million logged miles in commercial regulated vehicles (the vast majority 18 wheels or more) including tankers and hazmat. There have been numerous times when authorities have obviously failed to grasp the gist of the regulations. Here is a cute little story from my own recent experience: I was called by a prospective customer to do a paint prep. Upon arrival, I noticed his prowl car (State Patrol) and the 3rd Rangers ballcap he was wearing. I told him I would do the job, and discount the rate for his service (two discounts) He was amenable, but upon further inspection, I could see that the job could not be completed without substantial damage to his property. I offered some alternative courses, he declined and thanked me. As I was rolling hoses, he asked where my DOT number was. I was honest, and told him that the rig was only half lettered, but was new, and I continued to stow equipment. He says, "I gotta write you a ticket." I couldn't believe it, here was a guy I had offered a discount to, demurred from doing and billing for a job that he didn't need done, and as icing on the cake, he knew my little sister, graduating with her three years after me. I said, "You aren't even working!" To which he replied by asking if he needed to cuff me to the rig while he went in the house and got his uniform on. $100 later, I was asking him how he determined that I was in violation. He said that if he saw a trailer with a sign on it, and more than two tires, he would write that ticket. Find that in the regulations. Contact your local authorities, and get a straight answer from somebody that enforces the regulations. And then be ready to fight in court.
  15. BE Surface cleaners

    I bought one quite a while back as a spare from Dultmeier (local) and it has worked as advertized. I'm no fan of attached guns, but it works pretty well off my 4gpm hot machine. Not many hours on it, though, so I cn't say whether it is a long-termer.