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  1. Who has used SafeRestore?

    Just a suggestion for the bathrooms, if u find a carpet cleaning supply house, just get ya some viper renew, its also an acid, but works great for the soap scum and hard water stains, and a whole lot cheaper!!!
  2. Housewash recipe

    try citraclean. A 55 kit is real cheap!!!
  3. Is Steve Rowlett Around?

    GREAT NEWS STEVE!!!!!! Can't wait to see the sight up again.
  4. Hot water problem - help !

    Hit Russ Johnson he is on here, he is the man!!!!!
  5. Anybody have a PS3?

    I will have one next month, Confrontation all the way!!!
  6. In the 'nooz!'

    Nice catch, but I am surprised that the state record was onlyl 18 lbs, heck it is now 21 lbs., I think the state record here is like 102 lbs. for a catfish.
  7. Agriculteral

    what is a plumber going to do for him? guess he needs to call eric for a plumber buddy at x14
  8. Best Chemicals for Residential Work

    You should check out the Steve R. he is in ur back yard with great support!!!
  9. Cell phone etiquette with clients

    Cell phone stays in the truck, my est. don't take long, and I have someone that I can transfer the calls to should it look like it is going to drag out, but they never take more than 1o min and that is with an inquisitive (sp) cust. To me it is very rude, for the prices I charge that I can't give the cust my undivided attn. (after all I am trying to make a first impression that the cust. comes first, and for that moment(s) they are my only cust.) I am not one for a little small talk with my cust. they usually want to get to the meat and pot. of things, which is just fine with me!
  10. You should be commended!

    I agree Jeff, Steve was my start also, great man, not enought room to say what he has done!!!!
  11. I would second that and if u still think u can handle it, call ur insurance agent and tell him!! Good money in it but by no means a cheap start up!
  12. Need help with quickbooks...

    As anyone run into the prob. of running out of cust. space on QB. Have u seen the price for the upgrade?!?!
  13. Looks like someone.....

    There he is!!! The man, how u been, hope to talk to ya in the next week or 2 for some chems. Hope all is well.
  14. Preparing for winter

    Windshield washer fluid is my best friend during the winter. Hopefully going to enclosed and heater next year hopefully!!! Man ole man, why do u have to bring up the cold nights already go'n to hit 90 this week!!!
  15. Burner not working

    I would suggest calling Russ he has helped me a ton, with my stuff. Great guy and very patient.