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  1. Hi, Are you frustrated with dirty surroundings at your work or office, Office cleaning is the best solution to your problem. This post is concerned to the people who think that their office is a mesh of files and folders and they are unable to fine files easily. Most of the employees face these type of problems at their working place. Here comes the need of maintenance and cleaning of your office. A well maintained office will attract the visitors and clients also. A healthy and clean environment is necessary to concentrate on your work properly. Office cleaning companies will provide you these services like window cleaning, carpet cleaning, desk, trash cleaning, floor cleaning, furniture, canteen, glass cleaning and many more. Contact your nearby office cleaning vendor for making a healthier and eco friendly environment. What do you think about it? Share your views here..............
  2. How do you market your floor care business?

    Hey offduty, Its good, you are running a carpet cleaning business, and maintained it by going to motels and asking to speak to the manager. As you mentioned you have no website for it. It is good using business cards and face to face communication, but you can better perform in your business by making a website for your carpet cleaning business online. As all aware, internet is the booming industry today, you can better achieve through online existence on web platform. As anyone search for carpet cleaning company in your region on search engines, if you have website, you will be visible in the list of search engine results. It will be good for you.
  3. Hi, I am looking to start a new business of office cleaning. As you are running a office cleaning company, having experience of it. Suggest some idea to start new office cleaning business. What are the initial requirements and planning should be done? Anyone has more idea about it. Thanks in advance...............