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  1. deck cleaning?

    This is an advanced question? How about following the directions on the label?
  2. Deck Sanding

    You may be able to simply turn the spindle to expose the unstripped area for easy sanding.
  3. Tony, I've played around with RS then AC top coat as well with poor results. The newly stained decks looked great, but failed too quickly. AC as a stand alone is just too unpredictable also, so we are back to RS on ALL jobs that require a semi trans stain. Your deck looks great after cleaning, but it looks like mildew was the problem after the first year. I feel that Linseed oil is the issue (as always). Haven't we gone down this road of looking for the latest and greatest stain, only to be disappointed again and again? Can't say this enough: stick with a product that works, and you know how to use.
  4. New Cedar Deck staining issue

    Yeah, you're a Guru alright. If you can get hold of an Osborne brush and a Makita, you can fix that. Jim is right. New cedar will only take one coat, and sometimes not real well. I like to use clear for the first year coat, then follow with cedar color for maintenance. You can't hide the furring, and some will wear away and some won't. It will need to be fixed eventually, and will require physical agitation of some sort. Next year here's what WE would do: Wash the deck lightly with a dilute bleach mixture (for specifics do some research). Let dry and remove that furring (again, research) Apply 1 coat for maintenance. We usually only do 2 coats on newly stripped and neutralized decks to drive the color as deep as possible.
  5. I had long suspected you were the Pulp of Priestwood. Almost sounds like royalty.....
  6. How long would this take you?

    From pull up to collecting payment, 1.5 tops.
  7. Debt Vs. Debt Free

    I went the cash route as well. It's a slower way to grow, but manageable IMO. Also, if you find the business isn't your cup of tea, you won't have a ton of debt to get out from under. My overhead is lower because of it, and I can afford to keep my pricing competitive.
  8. This just in!!!

    That's just plain mean.....
  9. Treating an Asphalt Driveway for Moss

    Um, I wouldn't recommend a surface cleaner on asphalt (unless it is equipped with much larger nozzles). If you want to see striping, go for it (I know because I tested out a new Big Guy for about 5 seconds on my own driveway, OOPS!!) Use the diluted 12.5% by itself, and a wand with a wide fan to rinse, and keep the nozzle as far from the surface as possible. I'd stay away from the TSP, Dawn, or any other caustic type cleaners. Asphalt is made with LOTS of oil, so you wouldn't want to be removing it from the asphalt.
  10. Here's what we do to increase draw rates: 1- NEVER RUN THROUGH A HOSE REEL (too much restriction). 2- always use one less size than your machine calls for. 3-250' max length on the line. Although this may create problems for some, we've found that most times we only are using 250 feet of hose or less, and if you don't use the reel, you can hook up an injector on less hose if you have it in sections on the reel (we run 3-100 sections with QC's on our reels)". If you are having troubles with long pressure lines and chemical draw rates, look at adding a Shurflo pump to the injector for an "induction" system. If you are unfamiliar with this, check the search function for "induction".
  11. getting noticed by customers

    Russ, I need to come to Alabama. In Minnesota, two girls with Carhartt insulated bibs, and Sorel boots are considered "hot".
  12. trisodium phosphate

    Don't us it for house wash, but it is a key component of our stripper mix...good stuff, but use caution
  13. I just bought a 10 acre hobby farm. Going to raise some chickens and pigs, and a real big garden. I've always wanted to live rural, and now I can. Pressure washing got me to where I want to be. I'm still keeping the biz going, but slowing down my life. Big smiles from here on out. LIFE IS GOOD!!
  14. What is your favorite thing about the Holidays?

    When they're over.....
  15. Ice Dams, look what this guy really tried...LOL

    Hey Ron, laugh all you want, but it works great. Only problem is you need to be up on the roof pointing the flame towards the asphalt shingles. been doing it for years, and its good $$$.....