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  1. Need Votes please!

    You guys are awesome :) His work is AMAZING - I am learning something from him everyday!
  2. Need Votes please!

    Hey Guys - This is one of mentors/inspirations - Please go vote for his Wishing Tree piece....it's just a quick click!! Wishing Tree - Delphi Stained Glass Thanks!!! Celeste ps - when I get a piece in here, I'll be asking this for me too!!
  3. 1 - your measurements are off 2 - you are going to lose money at $1.00......we start NO lower than $1.95 for PT and it goes up from there. 3 - TSP? to strip.......you need to study more and practice on someone other than a customer.
  4. It is ridiculous to even think that old wood and new wood would stain the same! You can't even truly guarantee that any wood isn't going to vary slightly simply because of age, exposure and the fact that not all boards are even cut from the same tree!! If you laid 10 people out in the sun.....none of them are going to tan/burn the same. The same theory can be applied to wood.
  5. Seal Once

    Depends on how you feel about dealing with it when it looks like crap - whatever happens will be "all your fault". I'm fairly certain that every wood pro on this forum would say NO.
  6. What Is Your Definition Of Success?

    Being happy........I'm 100% there with my family.......90% there getting away from this industry :)
  7. Congrats on your new found "freedom" - you've earned it! Now bring your wife and family down this way to visit :)
  8. to Roger (3-12)

    No...not back in the military - Corrections. He gets to beat up on thugs in prison :) Charlie - thanks! He's meeting with her this week.
  9. to Roger (3-12)

    Only if someone else does it really close to home! He'll be putting on a uniform before month's end! He's keeping existing clients and only taking on new jobs that are large!
  10. to Roger (3-12)

    Please text Roger & wish him Happy Birthday 336-516-6139
  11. What's in your "Bug-Out Bag"?

    Shoot.....ya'll aren't talking about a weekender are you :D
  12. What's in your "Bug-Out Bag"?

    Nah, I like my bag just the way it is :) Pistol stays loaded - not packing extra ammo - bugs don't like me, plenty of natural antibiotics to be found and hell no to MRE's.....I know where I'd bug to, plenty plenty of food to be found :)
  13. What's in your "Bug-Out Bag"?

    Bathing suit, cooler, shot glass, bottle opener, cowboy hat, flip flops (well actually, those just stay on my feet all the time), music if possible, pistol.
  14. How to remove rust stains on vinyl siding

    Mike....couple of things. 1 - Welcome to TGS! 2 - Please add a signature - house rules. 3 - Do a search for Rust on Vinyl - you will find your answers....or scroll to the bottom of this page after reading my post and you'll probably get the whole list of topics anyway.
  15. Anyone close to this place?

    Spring Grove IL. just North of Fox Lake in McHenry county. This person has a killer deal on stained glass stuff that I want but he'll only do local pick up. Would love to find someone to go get this and ship to me!! Celeste