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  1. moldy basement

    I had a friend whose father cleaned a basement like this without proper ventalation. He had a heart attack and died from the fumes of bleach and the pressure washer ( did not have it in the proper place). Use caution when doing a job like this. This man was doing it as a favor to a friend.
  2. Need help from citracleen experts

    If you are downstreaming mix 1 Gal. of Citracleen with 2 Ga. of 12.5 Sodium Hypochlorite and 1-2 Gal. of water mixed in a 5 Gal. bucket.
  3. North Georgia Cleaning Systems

    Custom Built TrailerRigs Hot and Cold Pressure Washers Full Line Of Cleaning Chemicals Stain Meister Sprayer Advice To Make Your Business Grow
  4. Is Steve Rowlett Around?

    Stop by and see me in Athens, GA sometime.
  5. Is Steve Rowlett Around?

    No, I have www.chemicaldoctornetwork.com I am trying to build up now. Please feel free to join and add to the site. I plan on trying to get back to the level I once was in the industry after several years of being away. I was working for a company in Nashville part time but it was not going the direction I wanted to go. I have found a new home now and hope to have some events before long. The owner of the company is very receptive to my ideas and approach on things.
  6. F-13 and Gutter Shock?

    The Gutter Shock IS NOT a spin off of Gutter Zap.
  7. Is Steve Rowlett Around?

    I am in Athens Georgia now. Give me a call.
  8. I would offer 4 or 5 different options, too many choices only creates problems. You will be better off in the long run.
  9. JFife, are you John Fife tht used to be in Nashville?
  10. black streaks on gutters! what do you use to clean them with?

    I have to agree with Rod. This is what I said many years ago.
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