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  1. In my professional opinion, a water-based product penetrates deeper into the wood (at least the ones I use) and dryes quicker. Oil based are good as long as they do not contain linseed or similar stains that feed algea.
  2. Our Mission -- is to provide you with the most ReMarkable service experience -- EVER! Our focus is on providing high-quality service, superior craftsmanship and high-end deck strippers, cleaners and stains combined for the GREATEST VALUE. That's why we are called the "Triad's Decksperts". We professionally clean and stain decks, fences, pergolas, gazebos, play-sets, throughout the Piedmont. As the Piedmont's leader in Exterior Wood Restoration and Preservation we use light pressure washing to insure that our pressure cleaning does not harm your deck. In addition, we are the first contractor in the nation to be Certified "Made in USA". Few companies use proven GREEN formulas or provide the level of service excellence we do. Even fewer provide the "Deck Rescue" technology of sanding a deck -- and none in the Triad offer a 3 to 7 year stain warranty as we do. The bottom line -- it's not just clean and seal, it is RESTORATION and PRESERVATION -- that's what $aves you money! What Really Makes Us Different? "Use your hands -- and you are a hobbyist" Use your hands and mind -- and you are a craftsmen" Use your hands, mind and heart -- and you are an artisian" In North Carolina call us for Free estimates at 336-245-4072 or email all-things-wood@bellsouth.net
  3. Woodrich for redwood fence and teak furniture

    We had the same problem ordering exotic wood stain from Woodrich. It was back-ordered for 5 weeks, so we canceled. Then our supplier informed us that Woodrich finally had the stain, so we ordered again. It has now been 4 weeks and still no tracking number as promised. Have they gone out of business? Any body know. Our supplier, MySupplier.US finally found us an excellent Teak cleaner and re-stain.
  4. We are just getting started with wood fences. How much for cleaning? How much for clean and stain (stains already have a sealer in them)? Per sq. ft price if you can...Thank you.
  5. What is Boost? Where do you buy it?
  6. Help!!! We have had success stripping Sherwin-Williams transparent Deckscapes. But we need some help with their DeckScapes solid. None of our customers like it on their decks; but we can't find a successful way to remove it -- especially off the balusters. Help!!! URGENT response please to: all-things-wood@bellsouth.net and copy to this forum for others. Thanks.
  7. Now for the million dollar question...How do you remove Deckscapes solid?
  8. We recently starting using One Time. It has moved our business forward with many new accounts. We advise the home-owner that the warranty does not include UV damage / fading after 2 years. We also recommend a simple clean and recoat between years 4 and 5. One point to consider -- "funny smell" as someone wrote earlier, is dangerous and can be caustic. From experience I do not recommend a power sprayer and use caution when applying the product.