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  1. How often you find other businesses stealing your pictures or artwork?

    It really is smart to watermark all your images. I have to be honest and say we do not watermark ALL of our images, but we have never had a watermarked one stolen.
  2. Roof Cleaning New Orleans

    You did a great job on that roof cleaning in New Orleans, Louisiana. Roofs up there are just as dirty and hard to clean as they are here in Tampa.
  3. hose reels: hand crank or electric?

    Thanks for posting Marko! I wish more people who do not want or use hose reels would "Come Out Of The Closet". My company cleans more roofs here in the Tampa area then anyone I know, and we have been w/o hose reels for over 5 years now, and never looked back! You will never see a hose reel on any of my roof cleaning trucks, ever again.
  4. hose reels: hand crank or electric?

    I have tried 3 electric hose reels for roof cleaning, and every one of them failed soon. In fact, hose reels themselves soon fail, when faced with the roof cleaning chemicals. We eliminated hose reels nearly 5 years ago, and never looked back. But then, we are roof cleaners, not pressure washers. We don't pull and reel up our hoses 10 times a day! Hose Reels restrict flow, unless they have large internal manifolds, and they rob pressure. Not a big deal with a PW, but it can be a big deal with a low pressure roof cleaning pump. SH is both a liquid and a Gas, and the fumes are very corrosive. Once these fumes find their way into your electric motor, bye bye electric hose reel. In a SH delivery system, the LESS connections you have, the better! Less to fail, less chance of leaks.
  5. This guy called me for a roof cleaning estmate, and we got talking. He told me there is money set aside for any company effected by the BP Oil Spill disaster. Many of us were effected, and lost money because of it. He said the money is fairly easy to get. He did not ask me to publish his email to me. I am only doing it so perhaps any roof cleaner or pressure washer who's business was effected by the Gulf Oil Spill Disaster may get compensated. Chris, My firm is working with Navigant Consulting to analyze and file BP oil spill claims. It costs you nothing for the analysis and there’s a 25% contingency fee for filing and defending the claim if you qualify and BP pays. We would need your gross monthly revenue from January 2007 through December 2011 (which you can put in a spreadsheet or just in an email if you want). We then run an analysis with proprietary software, which analyzes the data 64 different ways to see if you qualify. If you qualify, we will need tax returns and some other documents to file the claim. You can send the numbers to me or, if you prefer, directly to Navigant (just let me know and I can get you a contact person at Navigant). Your financial information is kept confidential throughout the process. Let me know if you’re interested and feel free to call me to discuss further. Thanks, Nathan NATHAN A. CARNEY Attorney 101 E. Kennedy Boulevard, Suite 2700 Tampa, FL 33602 Phone: 813-223-7474 Fax: 813-227-0424 Direct: 813-227-7424
  6. I am a roof cleaner near Tampa, Florida. So, the Google Search I want to be near the top of the search results in is simply "Roof Cleaning Tampa FL". However, my good friend Chuck Bergman lives down in South West Florida. They have a TON of smaller cities and towns down there, so I made this for him http://roofcleaninginstitute.org/index.php/blog/31/entry-47-pressure-cleaning-englewood-fl/ Englewood Florida is one of about 35 smaller towns he services. If the forum you post on has blogs (This one does), they are much more effective for reaching potential customers then simple promotional posts. Every Forums Blog Software (if the have it) is different, but on our forum, you can actually approve, not approve, or even allow other posts! This is super important, to keep local competitors OUT of your promotional posts. Local Competitors will sometimes make a post in your thread that says "Nice work, Chris from Apple" And, often, they really do mean it! But some scumbags will only post in your thread, to try and STEAL your work. They post like they are flattering you, and your work, when they really hope the potential customers you attract will shop them, so they can cut your throat! Our Blogs (and the ones here on TGS) give you total control, to moderate, allow, or disallow comments, as well as delete them, in case a local competitor who has posted in your Blog becomes an enemy! I have seen cleaning contractors make promotional posts on some forums that become highly ranked in their search results. Then, out of the blue, a local competitor sees this, simply joins that forum, and posts in that highly ranked thread! The poor contractor then runs to the forum moderators, to complain about the local competitor who has jumped in the promotional post, and ruined the thread. Well, guess what ? Seldom will they do chit for you, and now your worst nightmare has become a reality. A local competitor has just stolen your SEO! My advice is, to use the Blog Feature here on TGS, to promote your business.
  7. Who's having problems posting on TGS?

    Wow, that was the first time I ever had any problems, try this Double post problems. - vBulletin Community Forum - - - Updated - - - Wow, that was the first time I ever had any problems, try this http://www.vbulletin.com/forum/forum/vbulletin-4/vbulletin-4-questions-problems-and-troubleshooting/419732-double-post-problems?
  8. Who's having problems posting on TGS?

    Never One problem posting here for myself, nor have I heard of any from my roof cleaners either. - - - Updated - - - Never One problem posting here for myself, nor have I heard of any from my roof cleaners either.
  9. Please Like My Facebook Page

    Done deal!
  10. Please Like My Facebook Page

    I could use some Facebook Love guys, if you would be so kind:) Click On This Link
  11. Hi, Im new to your forum.. thanks for being here. I have been looking at eco friendly roof cleaners. What is your take on them ? Like the Oxy products and some others that are not chlorine based.



    2-Man Crew llc

  12. Awning Cleaning, Orlando, Florida. Using Mallard System

    That cleaning came out really good.
  13. Pray For Texas

    tried to post video
  14. Pray For Texas

    I wonder if The Hinderliters of Powerwash.com (Delco) are ok ? [h=1]Tornadoes cause massive damage across Dallas, Fort Worth and North Texas[/h]By The Dallas Local | Local Dallas – 1 hr 13 mins ago Email 89 Print (Updated at 3:45 p.m. CT) By Jason Sickles, Yahoo! Dallas Editor At least two large twisters rumbled across the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area Tuesday afternoon, crushing homes, flipping trucks and sending thousands of North Texans scrambling to take cover. More tornadoes were possible, but not immediately confirmed by the National Weather Service. Storms also produced heavy rain, lightning and hail as the band of extreme weather swept across the area. By 3:45 p.m. CT, most of the warnings were focused north and east of Dallas. Tornadoes were spotted on the ground in at least seven counties, with the most recent report at 3:40 p.m. CT in Kaufman and Hopkins counties east of Dallas. "Oh no! Oh no!" a storm spotter in Forney (25 miles east of Dallas) told CBS 11 during a live broadcast. "Oh my goodness. I can see the homes just being torn apart." Some minor injuries were reported, but an exact number is not yet known. At one point, the National Weather Service declared counties in Dallas-Fort Worth to be under a "tornado emergency." Sirens blared across downtown Dallas and Fort Worth, schools huddled children in hallways and passengers at DFW International Airport were rushed to safe areas during the height of the storm. "This is as serious of a tornado we've seen in years," said CBS 11 meteorologist Larry Mowry.
  15. Need help pricing a chemical roof cleaning.

    I would say 5 cents a square foot for yearly treating the roofs Jason, and 20 to 25 cents a square foot for cleaning. Bear in mind if you treat a clean tile roof on a yearly basis, they will want a guarantee the roofs will not get dirty. If they do get dirty, you will have to come back and clean them.