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  1. Telescoping wands

    +1 Matt. Folks can laugh at our extension poles (also Coress) but we have found it an invaluable tool. Thanks to Matt, we have altered it for staining as well. It's no back breaker - I have pics of Celeste somewhere using it and she's not a big woman. Well woth the investment for us (we've bought 3) Roger
  2. Tip For Saving on Gas

    good info Mike
  3. Yes definitely Scott - check with me before shipping though! Our last sample went to a customer's address rather than us - just want to make certain it goes to the right place!!! Celeste (signed in on Roger's computer!)
  4. On the fence you need to add about 30% more sq. ft. to it because of it being shadowbox. Why do they just want 16' done? Roger
  5. You can also look at Eacochem for there stripper cream. Diedrich Technologies also has a stripper cream. They are expensive but worth every penny. Roger
  6. Thanks Russ

    The float in the carburetor got some trash in the valve seat and wouldn't close so the gas over flowed into the cylinders. When I shut the engine off for the day it filled the crank case with gas. End result is the oil and gas that was in the crank case was pushed through the breather tube down into the carburetor. It filled the cylinders with the oil and gas mix and the pressure sent it out the muffler at witch point the motor fired up, backfired and the top of the carburetor caught fire. I thought that the engine was ruined but Russ fixed it over the phone. Roger
  7. I just wanted to tell Russ Johnson thank you for helping me out. My 18hp Vanguard puked oil out everywhere (out the muffler, breathing tube) end result it caught fire. 20 minutes on the phone with Russ and the engine is running like new again. Thanks Russ you saved me big $$$. :lgmoneyey Roger
  8. The feds

    Did you have the PWM shirt on?
  9. go to Ebay they have some nice used ones on there. Roger
  10. One Year Today

    Congrats Doug :cheers: Look forward to meeting you this weekend. Roger
  11. Please Keep Them In Your Prayers

    We will put them in our prayers also.
  12. Pick a Winner (Wildcard)

    Thank you Russell. I was lucky when I took that pic. Who wanted the pic? Roger
  13. Bottom Line is....

    Don - and anyone else interested.....go take a look at www.powerwashsuccess.com This is Cujo's new marketing co (NO, NOT PWNA RELATED) He's got a tele-seminar coming up in January that may be right up the alley of what you're looking for.
  14. red dirt on vinyl

    I have found that a light acid wash will remove the red stains left behind from the mud. Roger
  15. 2 questions.......

    If you are going to buy, buy no less than a 5.6. Like everybody has already pointed out. The General TS 2021 is a great pump easy to work on and parts are easy to find. A TS 2021 will give you 3500 @ 5.6 gpm with a 18 hp motor. If you are just stating out and all you can afford right now is a cold water unit then find a belt driven 4 gpm or higher (make sure that it is belt driven). If you have any question feel free to call. Roger