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  1. Sometimes a car does not have to be parked for a year. [ATTACH]20311[/ATTACH] Rick I would like to call you sometime over the weekend.
  2. Philip is there a requirement for smaller manufacturers in the US to meet these standards UL-1776 specs? Thanks for posting
  3. Happy Birthday Beth!

    Happy Birthday Beth, enjoy...
  4. sodium percarbonate

    What little Chemistry I remember, both the percarbonate and the Hypochlorite are oxidising agents, they will both oxidise organic matter, hypochlorite has more oxidising power linked to the reactivity of the oxidising ion.(as to how these oxidisers work on mold and mildew on non-porous surfaces , thats a different story) Chlorine is further to the right of the periodic table than Oxygen, and its oxidizing power is higher.(it also has something to do with the bond formation of oxygen in the percarbonate compounds, not much energy to break them) Bromine is also an oxidiser used for sanitizing hot tubs , it is lower down the periodic table compared to chlorine and thus less reactive.
  5. Thanks Tim for viewing and comment, I hear you on the "time" frame.. there were so much more problem areas that I wanted to educated the "blind" homeowner to, but my threshold was 2 mins,.... I guess it can become boring for us (powerwash contractors) to watch, as we know the problem areas.
  6. * * A Griffs Services melodramatic video production only available on desktop.
  7. Was wondering how they maintained strength.
  8. Did not know that, but the doo look like hose you find on electric 1500 psi units
  9. In addition to the fellow comments, I would think that sewer jetter hose are one wire,... two wire can take more of a beating, and it it can dish out one too (lol, a good workout)
  10. That was probably his pump head pressure vs the pressure before the gun, must be a hot water machine, some loss in coil ?
  11. Actual measurements, always good to have. Think about the Horsepower that is lost with that 500 psi loss, the fuel etc too. With a flow of 8gpm and if concrete cleaning pressures needed, I recommend 1/2" hose. Anybody running 5/8" ?
  12. Deck looks great Tonyg.
  13. Short video of powerwashing projects that can be completed to spruce up your home and bring it "Back to Life" this spring.
  14. Always great work Shane. Special Blend?
  15. Need wash mix advice

    I heard you were thinking of making a trip to the land of the Scarlet Ibis and Cocrico, you should go enjoy.