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  1. HD has a dewalt PW with a Honda engine and a cat pump for 999.00 I PW about 200 hours a year, and have been using a Kartcher 2.8 GPM 3000psi for the last few years. I only do flat work (sidewalks dumpster pads in restaurants) Has anyone tried this model? Any feed back would be great. thanks
  2. dewalt 4 qpm

    I have a 3000 psi 2.7 gpm, and just bought a 3700 psi and 4.0 gpm unit. Can I use the same hoses???
  3. dewalt 4 qpm

    they had last years model at a location 60 miles away, 150.00 off, so I went to but it, and it was missing the chemical hose an the manual, so they sold it to me for 630.00. Needless to say I didn't argue with them . 360.00 off from this years. 3700 vs 3750 psi
  4. dewalt 4 qpm

    PWing is just one of many services I offer, My company is a building maintance service that work only in restaurants, I charge the same rate for all of our services, tile, painting, plumbing, ect... 65.00 p/h
  5. dewalt 4 qpm

    I charge by the hour :)
  6. restaurant grout cleaning

    I go a lot of re-grouting and tile replacement in kitchens. can anyone recommend an effective method to cleaning restaurant kitchen grout. I only have a cold unit, and I would rather not buy a hot unit at this time.
  7. restaurant grout cleaning

    Would TSP leave the floor cloudy,
  8. I've got a small kartcher 2700 psi, 3.2 gpm (robins motor) gas unit. I have had it for a few years and worked ok. I just do a little flat work around restaurants. It started dripping gas a few months ago (rarely use it) but the other day the leak became real steady almost a stream, from the back of the unit. It drips down from what appears to be a bubble or glass float housing under the motor. I was going to hold off buying a replacement for it this year, any suggestions of what mite be wrong and how to fix. Te last time I had it services it took 3 weeks, and I'll need it next week thanks
  9. a local dist has a ebbs 3500 psi / 5 gpm hot unit for $3500 gas powered, I cant tell how old it is, seams in good shape is this a fair price
  10. delco ???

    I've noticed delco producs being mentioned, I've done a web search and I'm having problems locating. does someone have a web site they could share.
  11. I know someone will say their is no dumb question but, Do you have to run a hot unit hot? I want the option of hot with a high gpm, but I dont want to run it hot all of the time.
  12. House Paint Prep

    i read something about a paint striper applyed with a PW any comments on that. I understand this is an incomplete question ( no names of products) sorry
  13. Did You Know? Tile & Grout Issues

    I do tile replacement in restaurants all of the time. the biggest problem with sealing is you have to allow the grout to completly dry before applying. we only had one restaurant I've worked in was actualy closed for a few days(front remodel) most cases the problem areas are on the cooks line, and with even one day the grease build up makes the sealing imposible. the chemicals they use on the floor are very good, but they most likely wont let you use them, they would come out of their stores operating expense's which their boss and everyone in there company watch's (store contolables)
  14. business plan

    I was wondering if anyone would be able to share their business plans with me, I've searched the site for samples but I have been unable to see any. I started a company 5 years ago determanded not to borrow any money (I called it the great experament) to many companys fail the first year due to owing to much money. I started mine with a handfull of tools and strong desire to make it work. (handy-man for restaurants) Well it's five years now and I want to add a full service PW ( I've been using a 2700 cold unit) I dont want to take the short cuts that I did in the past, growth was very slow. Also restaurants are a economy drivin business, so when something like the gas crunch last year just about whiped me out. It wasnt the price I was spending for gas, but the people just stoped eating out for a while, and then everything coming in there back door cost more, I was moved down the list, from maintaining the restaurants to just putting out fires.
  15. insurance

    brief history I run a handyman company, mostly restaurants, some retail, and on a rare occasion residential (home owners tend to have unrealistic expectations) I've been PW for about 3 years all flat work, I am considering going more in to PW to increase my company. I carry general liablity insurance for my company 1 mil. about 800.00 per year, I asked my insuance company about insurance for PW on a larger scale and they said they wouldnt write a policy. they had no problem with me doing sidewalks, and dumpster pads but thats it. Currently using a 2700 psi portable, I'm leaning to a hot 4000 psi 5.5 gpm Question Whats a fair price (I'm in wisc so my work is seasonal) should I let my fingers do the walking or is their some one you could recomend.
  16. cleaning blinds

    I have a small job leaning window blinds, there is a some cig smoke, and dust stains, any suggestions
  17. I'm going to be moving in to a hot water unit, tring to combine the advise on what to get I'm thinking about this one [ATTACH]3510[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]3511[/ATTACH] one of my conserns is I mite want additional storage for scruber's ladders. but I have to wonder if getting the set up is cheeper in the long run, I could truck mount the PW and hane the trailer for misc items when needed. any sujestions would be great. john northstar1.doc northstar2.doc
  18. advise on equiptment

    I agree I just spend a hour talking with a local dist. selling hydro tech units said basicly the same thing about service, and that the quality at northern tools mite be not up to their claims. allthough they do have hydro tech componants they are of lower quality, and service is going to cost me big time
  19. expanding base

    Hi I'm new in this forum, It was suggested by a guy in anouther forum, from what I've read you folks know your stuff. Heres my deal, I do handy man work in restaurants, I work with about 20 chains. 3 years ago I bought a kartcher 2700 psi unit (cold) and have done ok, it certinly has paid for it self many times over, I charge by the hour so with a cold unit it takes some time and the bill is large. I would think with a hot unit it wouldnt take so long and if it was more economical for the restaurant they would let me in more often. Many of the restaurants dont even have it done. Also with doing a better job and focusing on the pressure washing service, I could go after more, and different types of work. not restricting myself to restaurants questions.... reasonable amount to pay for a good hot machine, and where ? would a mounted carpet steam cleaner me something to consider? is a carpet unit to low g.p.m, psi Im not worryed to drop some money on a good unit, I stoped buy discount tools some time ago. I have a ford F150 that I can mount this on so I wouldnt need a trailer thanks john so. eastern wisconsin