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  1. Is there any body using tools for that? and where can I get those fitting? which one is the best?
  2. Sodium Hypochlorite Prices

    Thank you so much James, I will call them monday..
  3. Sodium Hypochlorite Prices

    Hi, Please can you tell me where are you getting? Thank you Henry
  4. Hood Sticker Question I live in Connecticut, 10 minute to New York. My 60% of job in CT and 40% in NY. As you guys know for NY have to be different sticker. If I order NY style sticker can I use that in CT? I would like to hear who have sure knowledge about it please. Thank you ( you can look at here Massachusetts Hood Cleaning Service Stickers, City of Boston Hood Service Stickers)
  5. Is there any body have better idea?
  6. Or any other hot pressure washer suggestion can be great to.. Specially any small ones, bc I do carpet cleaning and I will put that to van..
  7. I'm interested with the belt drive gas HydroTek SS Series. Does any body have that unit? I will do kitchen exhaust cleaning and house exterior washing. There is 7 models, which one is the most useful? And where can I get the best price? Please help me about it. Thank you so much. Henry I. Mutlu Member, Beluga Cleaning, LLC Darien, CT 06820 203-253-8201 203-548-0151 info@belugacleaning.com www.belugacleaning.com www.greencarpetsystems.com