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  1. I was asked to speak at CETA & ISSA convention!

    congrats beth.
  2. You think my customer was happy today??

    That F9 stuff is amazing. Great job man.
  3. I actually use an hourly rate, however mine is a bit more complex than just saying I charge X amount per hour. I charge by how long it's going to take me, how far the place is, how much fuel and detergents are going to cost, and then do my hourly rate. If a job is really dirty then I know I'm going to be there a long time and will price it accordingly. I factor in everything when quoting at an hourly rate. I will say that I've never had a customer ask how much I charge per hour, but I don't think I would have a problem discussing with them my rates, As long as they understand that every customer has a different price because they all want different things.
  4. TGS roll call-- check in here

    Kristopher of Klean Power Optimum Washing
  5. Check out the new member on TGS.

    Goodness gracious........
  6. Official TGS 2013 Fall Hunting thread.

    I heard Fried turkey is the best. Maybe one year I'll fry one.
  7. Official TGS 2013 Fall Hunting thread.

    Pretty cool story Rick. My dad isn't a gun person and the only time I ever shot a gun was with my sisters X-boyfriend when I was 13 years old and we were shooting cans. So not much fo hunter, lol. But I often have thought about trying it out. Just don't know if I would be able to pull the trigger and don't know anyone around my area that hunts as well that I could go with and see if it's for me. But I've always been interested in archering so if I did go deer hunting I would really like to try that route.
  8. Official TGS 2013 Fall Hunting thread.

    He's three and a half, not really sure he is of age. But what do you guys think? He'll be four in January and been thinking of getting him and I fishing poles for Xmas this year.
  9. Official TGS 2013 Fall Hunting thread.

    Not much of hunter, but my son wants us to go fishing t even though he hasn't been yet.
  10. Promised Thad a cover photo

    Freaking love this... now I want one. lol
  11. Employees or Subs??

    Definitely employees..... when the time is right.
  12. TGS new format-- comments.

    I really like the new changes. I hope this place starts booming again.
  13. Post famous people's quotes that you believe in.

    Though some don't understand the reasoning behind this quote it had a special meaning to me in my life. "Let go of everything you fear to loose."~ Yoda
  14. What are your plans for Labor Day weekend?

    Well, I was hoping to have a good weekend but got sick instead... yay for being sick. LOL
  15. Guilty Pleasure?

    Most embarrassing song I like is Paris Hilton's single "Stars are Blind" Shh don't tell anyone, LOL