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  1. Hi all, was wondering how much a Ex-cell super skid PW is worth, 3000 psi, approximately 100 hours, 16 HP twin Briggs, Beckett oil heater, 4-4.5 GPM, Model 3005gelva, maybe 7-8 years old, thanks.
  2. Hello I am in need of some estimating help, I am estimating a 750 sqr ft building for janitorial services of course this would be the first time for me doing this. I already gave them a quote for a one time cleaning for the whole place for walls carpet cleaning, linoleum floor, windows and a MAJOR dusting down etc (this place is a pig sty, lol, no offence to a certain Marty/Martin from the other boards, lol) so I quoted them $400 for the one time cleaning I hope this was reasonable? But he also needs a price for cleaning the building on a regular basis, weekly or other schedule, what I need help in is bidding on this part of it, #1 should it be done weekly? And #2 how much do you figure I should charge, #3 what services should be performed (empty garbage, spot cleaning, vacuuming, etc…)? I am the Chicago area, any other help appreciated, thanks & God Bless
  3. Thanks guys for the great replies, good info, now I know this might be a controversial question but what are some of the better products to work with for a stripper brightner etc, I have already seen that people like the Wod Tux and Ready Seal products, I also have read hd80, fc38, citralic ... for the stripper/brighter am I on the right track here, Thanks, email me with any further info if you do not want to post would be appreciated, Thank you :), God Bless
  4. Hello all, beginner question here, I was just wondering how do you test for old sealant on a deck? Can most of you tell by just looking at it or would you spray water on it and check for beading up? What is the best method? Also if part of the part of the deck needs stripping would you still strip the whole deck? Thanks for your replies
  5. Post Construction Cleanup Pricing Help

    Yes this would have been my first one and I probably would have took a beating as it seems I do with everything I try the first time, lol, thanks for the help though :)
  6. SH on Aluminum

    Oooops my mistake (I guess you cant call the manufacturer, lol) I knew I was going to put my foot in my mouth on this one :(, it will take a little time to learn all the abr. and slang, Thanks Andy
  7. SH on Aluminum

    I am not sure what SH is (sorry newer guy) but in situations like these I always find the best answer is to call the chemical manufacturer and get advise from them, if anyone would know it would be them.
  8. Neon signs

    Hello all I am bidding a restaurant that has neon sign that light up with the places name, what I was wondering is that if I get this job what precautions do I have to take not to blow out the neon lighting or affect it? Do I need to go lower pressure, no heat, unplug them or turn off the power? A while ago I cleaned a place with neon and and the steam from my machine seemed to make it turn on and off like it was ready to go out. Thanks for the replies and God Bless
  9. Post Construction Cleanup Pricing Help

    Thanks Rod for your input but I delayed on the bid too long they got someone else :(, next time.
  10. ding dong squirt

    LOL, pretty funny :)
  11. Hello all, I was wondering if someone could provide me with a rate for a commercial Post Construction Cleanup bid that mostly consists of dusting for 14,000 srq ft, included would be cleaning tile, vacuuming some rugs and dusting walls down and also dusting cabinets down inside and out, cleaning large windows inside and outside, general cleaning of the floors, also to seal and the tile floor and polish the stainless steel cabinets. I saw from previous posts that some of these would be line items as extras but need a ballpark in pricing. I would appreciate any help, I have read most of the info on this subject in this section but would like more info on pricing, Thanks Again and God Bless I will provide more info when I go and measure at the location.
  12. commercial contracts info needed

    Hello Carlos can I get one also, thank you very much! God Bless email: alaw11@msn.com
  13. Brick Washing

    This job is killing me, seems like I have to scape almost everything even the smaller smears, brick job was completed about two months ago, I suspect this is one reason for being so tuff in coming off, guy is also very picky, that does not help, lol, I will post pics when I am done, any other tips would help but I dont know what else could be done? thanks, Andy
  14. Hi all, I was wondering if anyone uses a contract for New construction brick cleaning and if so, if it is possible to forward it to me so I can make one up for myself, I need to know what to put into one, I would appreciate it. Also does anyone ask for a down payment, they want to pay me after 30 days. Thanks again, God Bless, Andy Alaw11@msn.com
  15. Anyone have some good hints they want to share for removing mortar tags from a building 30’ high, Roger from Carolinaprowash told me a trick of a hoe attached to a Cares pole but I don’t have that wand, so just wondering if there are any more tricks out there thank you, Andy, God Bless