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  1. So, here's one for y'all. My repeating customer, so yes, I did this deck before, has a vertigo issue. She found the deck a bit slippery last time, Washed, sanded and Oiled, A/C Amber. It basically like a wet deck. I want to make it as sticky as possible. So, after I wash I'm only going to cup out any furries, not sand. And thinking, Shark Grip in the oil for extra grip. Never used it in A/C oil before. Has anyone? Wondering if it will even stick in the oil, or will it just rub off once it dries.
  2. COVID-19 Pandemic

    Yeah, My updated info. from the Gov't is that we will be able to start on the 19th. This is one of those times when having Toronto right next door is a hindrance, The more rural areas could open but Toronto is so dense it makes it more problematic. dense def. 1) highly populated 2) thick headed both apply. OK kids. Stay safe and have fun.
  3. COVID-19 Pandemic

    yup. Still stopped here. Probably until mid may till uncle Doug lets us go back. We got a real problem here with long term care, and its getting worse. Stay the course. Be well all.
  4. Yeah, He will need to wash again before the recoat. That white dusty residue is the acrylic broken down by the rain. You must wash or it will plug up the pores and prevent good adhesion. Also, the acrylic " swells" when it gets wet even if it looks ok after it drys out you will have lost most of the stick. your saving grace is that this is an older deck, newer boards will completely fail in a couple months, but a recoat on these older more porous boards will likely hold up. After a proper wash with perc. Stay safe and have fun.
  5. Thinking on this a bit. There is another option. This builder is custom homes, correct? Higher end, Yes? Order a different mix. Generally, the mix is various grades of ugly plain crush. He can spend a bit more, order a blend mix with mixed aggregates. Then when you wash at the end you can peel off the crème and wow. For this the HCL is perfect. Exposed aggregate. Charge extra.
  6. Hi Sprayman, Your process is good enough, don't hit the concrete with any pressure think " glorified rinse" The material though, muriatic is no good. Muriatic should only ever be used for the purpose of etching for coating prep. Muriatic is hydrochloric acid. Use something a bit more detergent, Prosoco Vanatrol or as rod says diedrich new masonry cleaner or NMD-80.
  7. Well I'm 51 going on 20 at 6:00 A.M. And 51 going on intention at 6:00 P.M. Lol Feel it in the hands and knees these days but otherwise no to bad.
  8. Airless Sprayers

    my 20ish years old titan 440 is still running hard. Changed the packings a couple times. run MEK thru it once a year to keep it new inside. Can't beat that ball valve.
  9. Was stained, solid hide Dark brown. Saved it from the firewood pile. Love, love, love it when they tell you it can't be done. We know we have to rip it out. But we thought we would ask you first. OK Yup I can fix it.
  10. I mostly cook up what I need on a job by job basis. Depending on what I need to peel. Light stuff -- cascade and oxyclean, yea, basic wash, more concentrated. Up to mighty, Glycol enhanced NaOH, KOH blend, a bit of purple for wetting, heated up and thickened with corn starch. That will peel anything. BUT BUT These days, I can do 9 of 10 with wash only as I am just doing new work or my own re-dos. The great advantage of 18 years of service. However, once upon a time I really liked the Bio-wash stuff ( later Napier) now gone.
  11. Who are your favorite sport teams???

    toronto jays dun well this year dinos well we c leafs- and yes I am a sucker for punishment but hey, why pay for a winning team when the building is sold out every night. Pole Leafs fans? best fans in hockey? dumbest fans in hockey?
  12. "Sheen"

    also, pics look like you may have over applied a bit too. looks a bit lapmarked. Sorry dude but it may be all bad for you. More and more reasons why we all should refuse to use that muck.
  13. "Sheen"

    hot day says it all. Sounds like it flashed on you, which really sucks cuz it will probably fail in 2 months. A/C stains can be applied in heat of the day but Sickens not so. Also, keep in mind that sickens finishes with a bit of shine at the best of times. Oh how I hate the stuff.