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  1. Hooking 2 machines together

    Still going strong. I've had my MAXIMA 36" surface cleaner for about 18 months now and I have been running my 20Hp 8gpm + 13Hp 5gpm machines together to push 33Hp 13gpm @ 2800psi ever since. IT IS THE DADDY!! Nozzles are (2) 25075's For those of you that have two machines and a surface cleaner and still have not tried hooking them together... DO IT!! It's like having an extra employee without paying for more labor.
  2. Hooking 2 machines together

    Don't give up Scott. I upgraded my concrete cleaner from a 24" stainless steel pushing 10.5gpm @ 3500psi to the Maxima 36" pushing 13gpm @ 3000psi. I am combining my 20hp 8gpm + 13hp 5gpm = 33hp 13gpm @ 3000psi. Nozzles are (2) 25075's It is so fast you can walk behind it like a lawnmower.
  3. WOW - ad from local Craigslist ...........

    Hi Ken, I put your website address on my links page as you requested. Links
  4. 5000psi 4.5 GPM machine?

    Yep, like everyone has already wrote. Get the 8gpm 3000psi or (2) 5.5gpm 3000psi machines. Whichever suits your budget.
  5. Gutter Solutions

    Hello everyone. I got this e-mail the other day and was wondering if anyone has seen these or tried these new gutter polyurethane inserts. I might try these out, any input guys? www.gutter-solutions.net
  6. Hooking 2 machines together

    Jason, what kind of surface cleaner do you have? I haven't seen any swivels that are rated more than 10gpm. I would think 14gpm would put too much stress on it??? Guess not if you have been doing it a while.
  7. New business equipment question

    Don, do you already have good guns and chemical injectors? More than one I hope.. Always have a back up! Do you have a water tank? 200ft garden hose for intake, 200ft high pressure hose? Hose reels? I agree with Scott about getting a good downstream set-up. If you have enough money to get a surface cleaner I would recommend the two wand over the three wand cleaners. Since you have a 5.6gpm, the two nozzles will need to be 3gpm each on a 20 inch flat cleaner. Smaller nozzles like 2gpm nozzles on three wand cleaners tend to get clogged more often. I recommend the Turbo Tech Terminator Turbo nozzles. They are the best.
  8. Looking for pump

    Like Anthony and Russ said, you need more high pressure hose. 200ft minimum and a good hose reel.
  9. Anyone used or heard of these 16hp blue engines lasting as long as a Honda 13hp? A lot cheaper usually means you get what you pay for. Although because all the parts are interchangeable with Hondas, its looks good. http://shop.ebay.com/?_from=R40&_trksid=m38.l1313&_nkw=16+hp+engine&_sacat=See-All-Categories
  10. Replacement For Honda 13hp-gx390

    I hear ya Jeff.
  11. Best Method to Remove Loose Paint

    Excellent Joel, I will have to try it sometime.
  12. Clean Windows Included In Price?

    Great thread Ken. Very impressive work/sales pitch. Does your aluminum brightner contain hydrofluoric acid? I have heard it's very toxic, but I guess if you cut it down it's not a big deal.
  13. Best Method to Remove Loose Paint

    I was checking out the Eacochem website. The stripper cream says it is not as effective on latex. http://eacochem.com/specs_strippercream.shtml Maybe the Stripsol or LCS would work better if you are removing latex. http://eacochem.com/paintstripping.shtml
  14. Best Method to Remove Loose Paint

    Joel "I just got finished stripping the paint off of an entire house, wood siding. I used Stripper Cream from EacoChem. It's a mix of sodium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide. Assuming it's only one layer of latex paint, just roll the stripper cream on, let it sit a day or two, and pressure wash it off. No scraping involved at all and it will remove ALL of the paint, not just the loose stuff. Then neutralize with NMD-80, also from EacoChem. NMD-80 is hydrochloric acid. I diluted mine 4:1 water to acid, but that was on wood. You may have to dilute more when putting it on cinder block to keep it from eating through the masonry. I suppose any acid will work to neutralize. Watch out for that stripper though, it's very hard on the skin. I have a couple of new battle scars now...:)" I like John and Joel's ideas. Combine the two and you'll probably get great results. The best turbo nozzle I have used is the Turbo Tech Terminator http://www.mobicleaninc.com/tab1/store/category/9xup/Spray_Nozzles.html
  15. Replacement For Honda 13hp-gx390

    Here's another Honda clone, probably Chinese. http://cgi.ebay.com/NEW-ELEC-START-16-HP-SIDE-SHAFT-GAS-ENGINE-TILLER-MOWER_W0QQitemZ270076640400QQihZ017QQcategoryZ79670QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem What do you guys think. Looks really good - 16hp for $300, can't beat that. If only it lasted as long as a Honda
  16. Chemical pit

    http://chappellsupply.com/palletpaks.htm Jeff, do these pallet paks look good for what you need? Already has a frame and looks like you can move them around easy with a forklift. Put a two inch hose on that with a good poly valve. You could fill a 55 gallon drum in 30 seconds! I wish I had a warehouse, chemical companies won't deliver to residential locations.
  17. Opinion please

    Congradulations Don, you are already years ahead of most professionals who start out on 4gpm washers or smaller. That machine really rocks! Gutters: To get gutters really clean I prefer to hand brush them with an extension pole, good brush, and a butyl degreaser in a five gallon bucket. A pressure washer doesn't remove the stubborn black streaks effectively.
  18. Opinion please

    Russ, "All General Pumps have brass heads...some are just nickel plated. The plating really does nothing to increase strength or durability." Why are some nickel plated and some are not? I heard from Rick that the brass heads are black market clones of Generals and don't last as long as a real General. I'll ask him again next time I see him.
  19. Opinion please

    The 5.6gpm @ 2500psi would be a better choice than 4gpm @ 4000psi. http://mobicleaninc.com/store/item/143p7/Engine_Powered_Cold_Water/Cool_Drive-_2500psi_5_6gpm.html Ask Paul about the General Pump. I have heard that the TS-2021 brass head is not a true General. True General pumps don't have brass heads. Maybe he can tell you what's on it for sure. Richard Moore with Pro Wash, Inc. told me this. If Paul is not available, ask Rick. His # is 336-362-7735.
  20. That's an impressive set up. You bought two machines 10gpm and 15gpm? TOTAL = 25gpm? What kind of engine/pump combination are you running? I use (2) 100ft lengths of 3/8 gray non-marking 4500psi 2 wire hose on my stackable hose track reel. I use stainless steel couplers. I do keep an extra 50 feet in my van as back up and for extending the hose or by itself for small jobs. Like Scott says, too many joints are a pain. I like your idea of using 1/2 for the first 100' and 3/8 for the second 100'. Since you are running a TON of gpm that 1/2 would help with the flow and the 3/8 would help with ease of use, less weight.
  21. New 3500/5.5 from PressureTek

    I would go with at least a 200 gallon tank. I would suck that tank dry in no time with a 8gpm machine here in NC.
  22. Question about equipment

    Thanks Paul. Yeah 10gpm really rocks! I recently hooked together my 5.5gpm and 5.0gpm 4000psi washers with a high pressure T and put new three new 3.5gpm nozzles on my concrete cleaner. WOW! What a difference, I cleaned a driveway yesterday in half the time! It feels like a completely different concrete cleaner, lighter, easier to move around from the force being doubled I just placed an order with your company. I am impressed with your website, great prices!
  23. Question about equipment

    Yep, Unit 2 is a much better choice. Cleaning units is not always an accurate measurement. 2000-2500psi is plenty of pressure. What really speeds up your production is flow, more gallons per minute. Especially house washing, since houses do not require much pressure to come clean. I only use high pressure on concrete and some brick. Get a minimum of 5.6gpm. To max out your 13hp, AR makes a pump that runs at 7gpm @ 2000psi. Most of your time cleaning houses is rinsing. 5.6-7gpm makes a huge difference in your rinse time.
  24. Question about equipment

    That's great Scott! Murphy's law luckily doesn't apply to everyone. Knowing my luck, if I tried carrying around 450-600 gallons on a trailer, I'd end up in the ditch or the bottom of the lake from failed brakes, axles, piano falling out of the sky, or an acme anvil, whatever.
  25. Hooking 2 machines together

    No pics available yet, I lost my digital camera. I'll put a new one on my Christmas wish list.