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  1. sprayway glass cleaner w/ a microfiber cloth works well for car windows.... no streaks this way... for windows other than cars i use a mop, squeegee and soap... the same as most it appears.
  2. Bathroom Cleaning Specialist

    i know of a national company that just cleans toilets. (JUST THE TOILET AND NOTHING ELSE) the company is called swisher international. i think their maine branch went under, though. they are not around here anymore. i still see their stickers on the toiletss in just about every one of my account.... i wonder how they went under???????
  3. Parking Lot

    i like the idea of using a blower for this job. same deal as cleaning a movie theater.
  4. Marketing your janitorial business

    i personally don't like bid calculators. they can't factor things in like density of the work area and risk levels. just my personal opinion. they can give you a good GENERAL idea of the price, though.