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  1. Envirospec Still in Business??

    I should mention that Henry and Linda of Sunbrite have treated me very good as well ;-)
  2. Need Advice

    Thanks Rod!
  3. Envirospec Still in Business??

    Since being "ripped off" on that junk machine they sold me I'm no longer a fan of ES- yes I WAS a loyal cust for years as well. The power wash store in Milwaukee WI will be my new supplier (formally envirospec north run by Paul)- PS- I know my reply was/is off topic and maybe even full of a little bitterness but the way they treated me with this dreadful hunk of junk has left me a bit sour ;-/
  4. Need Advice

    So I've "power washed" trains and banks and barns and synthetic golf courses and graffiti and houses and and and.......but I've never bid on a rubber playground "mat" I'm looking for a little advice. Anyone already do it? What procedure did you use? What cleaning agents did you use? Pressure? Bid price? So basically I have two areas to clean. One is 960 Sqft and the other is 800 Sqft. Both are for a pre school and both substrates are basically mulched rubber that has been bound together. My working theory is that it will stand up to a surface spinner reduced to 2000 psi but I'm thinking 40 degree tips reduced to about 800psi utilizing a cleaning agent similar to a house wash. IE 1/2 gallon power house (my detergent of choice), 1 1/2 gallon Sodium Hypochlorite and three gallons water x-jetted with the black proportioner. Thoughts? PS- yes I am posting this in one or two other industry forums for maximum exposure Thanks in advance **Photos attached**
  5. Buyer Beware!

    GL with your machine. Mine has broken down again since I started this thread. Three of the four welds holding the heat shield to the exhaust manifold have broken. I have NO heat shield in place now and three gapping holes puffing smoke in addition to the actual exhaust port. Honestly it's almost laughable at this point. PS... STILL complete silence on the part of Envirospec. They are totally ignoring this. Three year warranty my butt... This thing has had nine or ten things break on it in just over a month and a half
  6. Buyer Beware!

    Paul (power wash store) ran envirospec north....I've never had a problem with them or now as the powerwashstore. In fact I just bought a gen III roof cleaning rig from them last week. My complaint/issue is with envirospec in GA
  7. Buyer Beware!

    Coupler between pump head and unloader has sheared off thee times, the exhaust manifold has vibrated completely off, the pulley rope broke on the third use, the machine is very hard to start/backfires like a Cannon, came shipped on it's side with a dented tank and broken pressure gauge (which envirospec did replace to their credit).... These are some of the major issues I've had just this month. I understand the "get what you pay for" remark and generally agree but I can honestly say that I've had way better results with my first "cheap" Sam's club machine in 5 years than I have had with this one in one month. Envirospec should be embarrassed to put their name on something this bad. They had earned my trust as a good company with fair prices and good customer service. That's gone after this experience and it's due more to the lack of concern than a poorly built machine. I've bought products from front 9, the powerwashstore, Delco, sunbrite supply, ACR products, north american pressure wash outlet and a few other online retailers and have had outstanding customer service. Envirospec also served me well until this fiasco. I had no Intention's of posting a bad review after the first incident or the second or third or fourth etc but their complete lack of concern to address my problem prompted me to take it to the "next level" Hopefully I can save someone else a few bucks by steering them clear of substandard equipment being sold by a supposedly reputable company.
  8. Buyer Beware!

    I have been a customer of Envirospec for many years and up until recently been happy with their prices and customer service. Not long ago I purchased a power washer from them (found herehttp://www.envirospec.com/ecatalog/2015-TNT.htm ) and can honestly say that it is the single WORST investment I have made in my company since I began a decade ago. DO NOT purchase their 15 HP Lifan power washer. It is poorly designed and engineered.I have had no less than eight major breakdowns with this one machine and I've been using it less than a month. I had two more breakdowns today back to back which shut me down for almost two hours. The most disappointing aspect of this ordeal is that Envirospec has been absolutely quiet on this. I've left them voice messages and sent two emails. Not one return call or email! They claim there is a three year warranty but I can't even get them to acknowledge my complaint. After the two breakdowns today and the silence on their part I thought it was time to say something public about it. Check my history, you don't see me complaining in forums or online EVER but this whole situation has left me no choice. A simple return call or email would have been nice but the only contact I have received from them is to solicit my business for more merchandise. Once again let me say that the 15 hp lifan machine that they are selling is the worst quality piece of equipment I have ever purchased hands down. The 3.5 gal direct drive I bought from sams club when I first started ten years ago blew theirs away in terms of quality and reliability. Save your money!
  9. HVLP

    I'm using my deckster/decker for stain only as well and shurfloes for chemical. I use airless for my solid hybrid. I was wondering if their were other HVLP systems available that would atomise similar to the decker with even coverage. I've seen the Wagner type systems and wondered how well something like that would work. One immediate and obvious disadvantage that I seen is capacity. Looks like most of those have half gallon reservoirs. I was hoping someone knew of a better mousetrap. :)
  10. Spider Webs at dizzying heights

    Sodium hypoclorite is a biocide that will kill mildew, bacteria and disinfect. It won't break down spiderwebs. Neither will the butyl or NaOH in the powerhouse. The enzymes in the spider poop or the breakdown of their prey can sometimes be lightened with acid based cleaners but they do require scrubbing. If you are trying to remove straight webs and/or nests/cocoons your best bet is to flush them out with copious amounts of water and moderate pressure. By moderate I mean 1000-1200 PSI but never on EIFS and with caution on vinyl. Wash with the direction of the overlaps. I'm on a cell phone and it's difficult to tell what your substrate is. If it is stucco or an EIFS system like dryvitt your going to find out those webs are going to stick really really well. When reachable I would start in one corner and "sweep" them to the opposite corner with water and then work your way down the wall. It does require some patience but with time you can get most of them off, unless they have degraded and stained into the substrate. I understand your main issue is the height. Do you have a telescoping wand? You may be able to put an x-jet on the end and close it about 2/3 of the way so it's not quite a straight stream and flush a lot of it out with the wand fully extended. A lift is going to incur a sizeable expense. I'm 6'5' and have a 24' extension wand. With that, 4gpm, a 40tip @750Psi and my arms above my Head, I could most likely clean that to an acceptable level. You may have to get creative to boost your height. Maybe figure out a way to elevate a 2x12 or plywood a foot or two but only do so with extreme caution and safety protocol in place. That extra foot or two might give you that boost you need to reach with your extension wand saving the customer hundreds of dollars for a lift. Another option might be to get an extension pole and wrap a wad of duct tape backwards (sticky side out) and collect the webs or a block brush on the end of the same pole and broom them. GL -Tom
  11. Curious what folks are using these days for oil base stain application. I still have and use my Sunbrite Deckster and my ACR Products Decker (virtually the same except for battery box and powder coated frame) What's new (or old) out there that you use/like and why?
  12. newbie Facebook user

    Ryan. so sorry...just NOW seen your reply.....your page has been liked! (not sure if you did on mine or not but I hit yours anyway)
  13. newbie Facebook user

    I could really use some help getting my business Page on the radar with some likes :-D Thanks if you can help! https://m.facebook.com/aquaprocs?ref=bookmark I'd be happy to do the same! HAPPY NEW YEAR!
  14. Am I the only one getting off to an extremely slow start this year? Honestly the phone is barely ringing. I talked to a friend of mine in this area who owns a rather large painting company that has only done one exterior job.
  15. Update. .. I ordered a gallon of AD633 from Tom V of ACR products and also picked up a qrt of strip ease from menards. The strip ease comes with a little spray bottle. I took two lbs of raw soda beads and filled the spray bottle that came with strip ease with that product. I filled the same bottle half way up with the AD633. The strip ease didn't mix all that great with the water but overall it worked. They have a few different versions at menards, one of which is more "watery". I have stripped two acrylic decks with this concoction so far with pretty good results. The first deck was a behr stain and I would estimate about 90% came off. The second deck was an Olympic hybrid and the results were about the same. Caution to anyone wanting to mirror this mix. You MUST add the chemicals to the water. Do NOT put these chems in a bucket and then add water. You will get an instant boil. Also, extra care must be taken in handling and applying. Wear a respirator, proper chemical gloves, dont apply in the wind and be extra diligent in protecting vegetation. Mix and use at your own risk. I would not use this mix on a oil based deck. Always do a test spot in an inconspicuous area. Watch your dwell time carefully. Remarkably I didn't have much in the way of fuzzies but then again I was stripping stain that was relatively in tact. Very little bare wood was sprayed. As a side note, one of my work vans had a couple years worth of stained hand prints all over the doors. I sprayed, wiped and rinsed. The stains literally just wiped off like fog on a mirror lol.