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  1. Stoked to pound the pavement this year. Just need this freakin' weather to break!
  2. We always include the gutters. They're often the worst looking part of the house around here. Our pricing reflects it though too..... haven't done a housewash under $325 in ages and most are in the 4's
  3. Those products are a total nightmare. Plan on redecking the surface when they fail.
  4. That and now Ready Seal in Home Depot... so much for a contractor only product.
  5. Outstanding work as usual boss! Love the colors in the BGA.
  6. I did on our Indiana Prowash build. I used 2" automotive exhaust pipe welded to a flange that 90'd and goes through the floor (a 4" hole with a metal flange bracket). This was off of a 16 HP Briggs vtwin with the low mount muffler so a 2" flange bolted right up to it though. On high mounts I would bet flex pipe would be a better option. It echos being under the truck but it keeps the box pretty clean and exhaust free.
  7. Indiana ProWash is Indiana's premier contractor for all residential, commercial, industrial and retail pressure washing services and needs. We can clean and sanitize virtually anything! Our specialty is in commercial curb appeal and municipal projects such as concrete surface cleaning and water tower cleaning. Our equipment allows us for high pressure hot water pressure washing, low pressure softwashing, complete vacuum recovery for both interior and exterior applications and year round service even during the colder months. Call today for your free quote at (219) 885-WASH or visit us online at www.indianaprowash.com
  8. Started in 1996 with our home office in Valparaiso, Indiana,TIMBERSEAL, LLC was created to fill a market need so often forgotten. Our business was founded on the principals of quality, pride and trust. We have been servicing the great lakes region for over 11 years now providing exceptional service at a fair price. It is our goal to leave every customer with a desire to do future business with us and with the hope that by providing this exceptional service you’ll tell all of your friends and neighbors about us. TIMBERSEAL, LLC SPECIALIZES in the restoration and refinishing of exterior decks, docks, fencing, cedar siding, log homes and other exterior wood structures. Our pride and joy is in the smile on your face when you see the dramatic and gratifying results that our proprietary restoration process provides on every job. Through specialized training, proprietary products and some of the best finishes available on the market we can turn that dingy old gray deck into some beautiful again. In 2006 we expanded our business model to further advance our capabilities in the cleaning and restoration arena. TIMBERSEAL SOFTWASHING was introduced. SOFTWASHING is something unique as it’s a method of restoration and cleaning that relies on little to no pressure from a pressure washer. We apply this technology to delicate surfaces when cleaning and restoring then with the real work being accomplished by proprietary cleaning compounds and agents. The products are the real star and TIMBERSEAL, LLC can deliver the results you expect with them. To learn more about our SOFTWASHING process visit the links below.
  9. We've been scheduling Spring 2014 for a couple months now. We take 20% down to book as well. Things get incredibly busy very quickly. So much so that we unfortunately lose some clients that simply don't have the patience to wait 6 to 8 weeks for service therefore the deposit separates the serious from the tire kickers. Been doing it that way for 17 years. I know of a few companies that take 50% down and sit on it for 4 months. We always try to encourage a credit card for payment this time of the year though so make customers feel a little more at ease. Rarely is it ever a concern or problem though. Reputation goes a long way though too.
  10. Shane is the man! :smile: Say I'm gonna be short a couple guys next week. How do you feel about Indiana weather in November ??? lol
  11. We do in Northwest Indiana, Chicagoland and Southwest Michigan areas. (219) 405-4350
  12. We have one or two a year that opt to go natural after restoring the deck even though it's against everything I stand for. Ultimately it's their deck though. We use the Wolman Raincoat water base on them. There's no way to use an oil without imparting some darkening or amber color to the wood. Raincoat is by no means is a superb product but it's easy to clean and recoat. Just make them aware it will need done annually and will not provide any UV protection. The best option would be something like AC Amber or similar but some people just don't get it :)
  13. Looks exactly like Cedar Semi to me! Great looking job. Color retention has been good with the cedar semi for us. I've had some issues with colors like Rustic Brown and Sierra Redwood for some reason. Pigments must be different or something as the color retention hasn't been as good.
  14. BGA has to be mixed. Always tons of pigment in the bottom that stays there unless you mix it. We started using paddle bits even to make sure its suspended well to insure good color retention over the 2 years. Metal cans suck. That is what thing I do not care for with regard to AC. Totally understand the purpose but I'm a big fan of the plastic buckets too. BGA lids always snap back on tight and don't give us much of a problem at all. I only have issues with the buckets sucking in on opened containers with the BGA. RS had more of an issue with that for some reason.