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  1. Since the virus broke out, I have been planning to clean my house; I thought of sanitizing the place and sorting up the mess around the house. After all, the first step always starts right in our home. It seems that I own a lot of things in my house that I wouldn't need right now, possibly while in lockdown too. I guess it's better to send those off to some storage units. I looked for many units in Guelph, and the neighbouring areas called a few and requested quotes from the rest. Luckily I found a storage unit for a reasonable price. They have a pickup service too. But since many of the storage facilities aren't operating, many would be using the same, I believe! They have also confirmed that they have high incoming traffic to the place. Even though they have assured me of a sanitized and clean storage unit, I am worried! Should I be using such facilities right now? What do you guys think? Thank you!
  2. Hey, We have a huge event coming up which would see participation from more than 300 guests. I guess there will be a lot of scrubbing and cleaning to do after the event. The event is about to happen in a 22,000 sqft old warehouse. It is sectioned into separate rooms such as a bar, the main room, and a gallery. Our event managers declined to clean the venue after the event. Hence we had to arrange for event clean up company. We want them to come out every minute or so to make sure everything is clean and perfect. So those who have hired event cleaners, how much would they charge for this? Our event cleaning services have requested an amount. I just wanted to make sure if that is not too much. Thanks in advance.