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  1. GPM & PSI

    Okay that makes sense. I planned on using a buffer tank regardless for either. maybe 65 or 100 gal I’m not sure yet depending on what I find locally, for the bypass system and to ensure I get proper GPM in case if the customer has low GPM from the spigot. In theory, where the siding overlaps, what if I were to just agitate with a brush and cleaner and use low PSI To rinse? To ensure no water seeps behind the siding? I don’t know if that makes sense i am just trying to make this work as efficiently as possible ya know? I’m sure there are precautionary steps to take to prevent that? Thank you for your time I really appreciate it
  2. GPM & PSI

    Okay this is going to be an odd one. So, I’m relatively new to the pressure washing industry but have a decent entry level knowledge about most things pressure washing related. Until I started researching on the internet about pressure washing i honestly never realized how essential bleach (or SH whatever you prefer to say) is to a large percentage of pressure washing businesses. Here’s the catch, I’m actually allergic to bleach.. My parents found out when I was a kid because I started breaking out in hives and had other allergic reactions when in contact with bleach in anyway. Which is obviously unfortunate because I understand how much more timely efficient using bleach is versus just pressure from a pressure washer. I want to still continue my pressure washing business because i genuinely enjoy the work. I am just am going to have a take a different chemical approach that works for me. My question is, if I am relying more on the power washer rather than chemicals to wash a house should I still more concerned about GPM or PSI? I’ve heard many times GPM is king but isn’t that more for the rinsing and applying chemical aspect of it? Maybe not. But I’ve been stuck on this decision. I am looking at two machines. One is 4GPM 4000 psi, and the other is 5.5GPM 3000 psi. Which would be better for residential use only when using only the power washer and soap? I will be doing siding, decks, fences, driveways, sidewalks, but no roofs. Which do you guys think will get the job done faster in my situation? More PSI or more GPM? Thank you