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  1. Hi everyone, I stumbled onto this forum while I was searching for information on stains and sealers for a deck we're having put on our above ground pool. The pool has been up for 4 years and we've been saving to get it done right. Unfortunately, me being out of work took a chunk out of that savings. Without writing a novel, we decided to still move forward and get it done with pressure treated wood instead of TREX. I'm getting overwhelmed trying to figure out when we stain, if we stain or just use sealer, oil vs. water based.... the list goes on. I thought I had it all figured out and narrowed down to Woodrich or Ready Seal then I read a post on here that if the deck is near water or a pool you would use different products. I give up. Please help me. The contractor is coming again on Friday to take final measurements and go over exactly where on the pool we want the deck. The railings and spindles according to the written quote are vinyl w/black spindles. So I'm guessing we only have to worry about the steps and main deck. Is it safe to use the pool/deck? I read that the wood shouldn't be stained/sealed for a few months? Which stain do you recommend for these conditions (we're in NJ, close to Philadelphia)? We do want a transparent/semi-transparent one. Does the type of wood matter? Thank you ALL for your time and I hope everyone's business has survived this and is on it's way back to success. I'll be honest, one of the reasons we didn't try to tackle this ourselves is that after seeing so many of our friends struggling and some even losing their business, we wanted to do it this way. But the finishing we can definitely do. Best to you all. RC
  2. I'm sure we will. I know the kids will love the fact that I'll have a safe place to sit when I'm too cold to go in the pool but they're not. Right now the rule is either me or my husband has to be IN the pool with them because the pool wall is 54 inches and I can't see over the side from our sitting area. Let alone scramble into it if something were to happen. If only one of us is in and has to get out, we make them all get out. We are starting to trust the 14 year old more, but only for a minute and not if we have to go in the house. When he was in kindergarten one of his classmates died in a pool at a BBQ a couple weeks after school let out. I was always hyper vigilant about the water (more than my husband) but that shook the whole town. Then our darling youngest, when he was 2, shimmied up the ladder with the roll down safety cover locked down and plopped right into the pool. He was no longer allowed in the yard without a vest on. But I think it scared him, he's 6 now and he still waits by the chairs for me to go in first. I've been reading through a lot of the threads on here and I think we're going to use the Armstrong Clark. Hopefully we can find it here. The Cutek my father in law told us to get must be a phantom one. We did pick up the end sealer. This forum is very helpful.
  3. Or you could see me back looking for a contractor to do it for us. Lol
  4. I'm hoping if it's done every year the "cleaning" part is easier, making the entire job faster. I doubt I'll use a pressure washer (we have one) I'm too afraid of damaging the wood, but with two of us, it shouldn't be too bad. Like when we open and close the pool. The trick is convincing the husband that it "has" to be done that way. Haha
  5. Rod & Beth, Thank you very much. I know a lot of the stains/sealers "advertise" that they can last several years, but to me it's just worth it to redo every year especially since we have so much less to do without the railings. In all the research and reading I've been doing, you are the first to mention end grain sealer. I've never heard of that before. I really appreciate the help. RC